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  1. Whatever happened to the recent initiative to build asphalt circle track at San Antonio Raceway. Any updates/status, or did the idea die on the vine?
  2. Season Finale

    I second the above from TPS48. Jason was outstanding this year and the growth of the class was a direct result of his efforts. On average throughout the season, the Legacy class had the highest consistent car count. He is always available to help, promote, and demonstrated great organizational skills in pulling this class together with supreme success! Well done Jason!
  3. 2019 Rules Package

    I agree. I was going to ask the same.
  4. Lonestar Legacy Series is ready to race. Brad Harden, Legacy #63
  5. Who is racing with us at HMP in 2019?

    #63 Lonestar Legacy - Brad Harden will Race full season.
  6. Raymond Delahoussaye in the hospital

    Get well soon Raymond! God bless you and hope you are on your feet in short time!
  7. July race

    #63 Brad Harden will be racing
  8. Can anyone tell me what time racing starts at I37 on the 16th?
  9. Valve Cover Gasket

    Anybody know part number or information on the valve cover gasket for our Legacy's? Is it just a stock Mazda B2200? If so, any difference in the year of the motor? Looking for one. Thanks.
  10. Racing in 2018

    #63 is all in!
  11. Leading the way, for now anyways

    I like your approach Jason. I hope no one is holding back just because we are trying to find a solution for tech. If we don't move, we will all be sitting at home July 8th, Sept 23rd, and next season as well. No purse money or fun for anyone if we sit at home. Let's focus on what is in front of us for now.
  12. Leading the way, for now anyways

    Good post Jason, and thank you for stepping up to the plate. You are absolutely correct, let's put aside concerns about tech, rule discussions, and other hampering concerns and let's just get 15+ together and go race! Figure out the rest later. Let's pull together!
  13. HMP July 8th race

    #63 Absolutely!
  14. HMP

    Is that a LLS Registration Form or a HMP Registration form?