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  1. i saw pure stocks are running in this show. To win $500, $600 and $700 three seperate shows.
  2. nasty mess down here so wouldnt surprise me.
  3. Some new plans emerge for a San Antonio area paved oval

    In the scheme of things track size shouldn't be an issue for you asphalt dudes. 1/4 mile may wrinkle some bodies but from what I saw at SAS a good wreck wrinkles up frames. Bodies are easier to repair and alot less down time and expense thenframes.
  4. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    Said nothing negative about having track options, nothing about the effort put in by officials nor the scheduling. I know alot of effort has been put in to that place, i respect that plus I have personal relations with some of them officials. You say childish? I say whats more childish the politics behind the scenes keeping everyone in the area from working together or me making a post that alot seem to be avoiding. Its a shame because if the hatchet could be barried the sky is the limit for this area. Besides that they were pretty organized, ran a good program, facility looked better then expected and the racing was intense.
  5. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    They are quiet a few cars that sit or tow out of town for no other reason then childish politics. They would rather promote a go cart track and at the same time tear down the only existing dirt track in Corpus for their personal enjoyment. Even though they have effected the car count in all classes to some degree they have done nothing to hurt long term racing at STS this year! Racing has been very good and the effort from STS officials has been better then what the spread rumors were this offseason. We have enjoyed this season and look forward to many more. I hope Edna and Corpus both have learned they need to be opposite from each other to gain any benefits the area has to offer.
  6. Mt. Dew Night at the Races

    Track conditions were top notch. Thank you for the work it took to not only get it back open but making it the best surface I have seen of all tracks this year! The conditions made of quick program and very good multigroove racing.
  7. General Rules Question

    I think you will see some do exactly that. Maybe a reason why they haven't in the past is the ss class was a growing exciting class for a couple years. Its pretty much tailed off lately and you dont see street stocks being built at the same rate as pure stocks and limiteds.
  8. General Rules Question

    On several occassions at STS this year including the last race the SS class car counts have been horrid and when not enough show up they put the Street Stocks with the LLM's. At the last race both Street Stocks started 9th and 10th and after 2 laps they were running 2nd and 3rd. On lap 3 as the SS was taking the lead contact was made and the SS was knocked out as the LLM continued on to his win. I dont buy the fragile front end stuff most of the LLM's are built like a sherman tank and well it has been proven this year on certain track conditions the SS's are as equally fast. I dont think tracks these days are in position to turn drivers and cars away if they want to run multiple classes. Just make em pay some more money and lettem go.
  9. Results from South Texas Speedway, June 9

    If we couldn't get the win, it was good to see Jesse get it. He clearly deserved the win, driving hard but very respectful to his competition. We dont enjoy finishing 2nd but when you race that tight and hard without tearing up each others cars then you tip your hat to the winner and shake his hand. Well earned. The cautions for us fell at the wrong times. We will come back and try harder! Good job to the #7 team...
  10. Times

    Looks like all classes with full shows each night.
  11. STS and I-37 Announce Pure Stock Rule Change for Crate Motor Option

    i like to also.
  12. STS and I-37 Announce Pure Stock Rule Change for Crate Motor Option

    Dont like midseason rule changes but hats off as this one makes since. I like it if you know anything about crate motors you know 6200 rpm is already too much and out of its powerband. Thats providing the crate motor hasnt been upgraded or messed with. Good decision to keep those with crates honest. Also regardless of it being a crate motor you can still replace or repair certain valvetrain components. The valve covers are not sealed so it allows you to replace valve springs and rocker arms as needed. Only drivers that would be upset with this rule are ones already breaking the rules to start with.
  13. Did you end up selling your crate motor?

  14. South Texas Dirt Track Opening Nights

    Lots of ways to look at it. There was nothing wrong with last years schedule. With the big points fund at TRP no one who runs STS will be there at TRP.
  15. South Texas Dirt Track Opening Nights

    Be extra special if there schedule wasnt the same.
  16. STS Results, 3/31/18

    Want to congradulate Mr. Whitaker for his official first race night as STS Promoter. Show was ran well did a good job! Big thumbs up. Want to also thank the safety crew and Freddy for helping Robert after his crash. Look forward to supporting and making South Texas Speedway Great Again!
  17. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    It would be nice to see 3000 fans at $5 apiece vs 1000 fans at $10 or $12 whatever it is now.
  18. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    MIke local tracks dont have the finances to do that. NASCAR can do it at every event and still make a ton of money. Local tracks cant or they die.
  19. NASCAR is dying and they have no idea how to save it

    Let the fans in free to all races, first come first served all general admission. Money is made at the concessions, souvenier stand and TV. NOT TICKET SELLS. espicially when you cant sell even half the seats.
  20. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    It was much easier for the tracks to go with shootout rules several years ago and stay with them. Without the shootout tracks now think for themselves and make decisions based on what they think is best. I37 obviously thinks this Lone Star series is a big thing for them. Thats my guess at why they made such big changes so close the beginning of this year. Due to talking with STS this offseason he was trying to leave rules alone the best as possible so you only saw minimum change from him. If the Lone star series comes in full force this year to Edna my guess is the locals will be very handicapped against them. With the way the schedule lays out I think the street stocks of corpus are in a real tough spot.
  21. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    I am good with our STS rules, very little change from last year compared to I37 changes. Of course its our option to race against the Street Stock Series when they roll into town and if we do we will be an underdog racing against their rules. This maybe why I37 changed as much as they did.
  22. please clarify fuel please

    Please give us a yea or nay on E85 pump gas. Is it legal or not to run in pure stock. Last year cars from out of town on big races came in and ran it at some of the bigger south texas races When questioned about it, the rules say pump gas and thats how they have gotten around a grey area. Before locals start exposing this can we get a final ruling so its behind us. Thanks guys.
  23. please clarify fuel please

    Thanks Nick.
  24. please clarify fuel please

    Just want a ruling on it from the track so we all know if its legal or not legal. Not concerned about the power issue from only changing the fuel to E85. Power comes from the many other changes that can be made in tandem with e85 or thats if they are being honest an actually running E85 instead of lying and running straight up alcohol . Just a gray area I dont want to run against at big events if we cant run it locally.
  25. please clarify fuel please

    I dont mind using it or not, just dont want to run against it if I dont have to. Hope an answer can come soon.