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  1. I am selling my Street Stock race car. It is a very fast car that qualified number 1 in Houston the last race. Always super fast. It will come with shocks and current set up. This price does not include the engine. Transmission, or seat. Just install your drivetrain and go win some races.
  2. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    It can be done. It's a really fun class to run.
  3. Super stocks @ HMP

    I plan on running. Brian Schneider #49
  4. Super stocks @ HMP

    I will visit with you guys for sure. I plan on getting there Friday so get some laps on me and the car. It looks like a very nice track.
  5. Super stocks @ HMP

    I got the call from Donnie. I didn't realize all this was going on. I was one of the guys who invested in a new car with a crate motor. I pleased that we are reverting back to some simple rules. I plan to attend the July race. #49 super stock. Brian Schneider
  6. HMP race for street stocks

    I'm there if they stick to the Kyle rules. I looked into running the outlaw series for just a couple of races a year in Pensacola and it looks like you're going to have to have a completely different car in order to be competitive. Please don't make us spend a bunch of money. There are tons of Street stocks with the Kyle rules and we're stuck without a place to race. Thank you hmp thanks Raymond for what you're doing. Brian Schneider #49 street stock.

    Thanks Rachel!
  8. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    Brian Schneider street stock #49, 2 sprt compacts. 3 cars total to run in 2017.
  9. CTS Photos 10-17-15

    Can you list the website
  10. Joe Aramendia wins in Pensacola

    Very nice. Congrats to the aramendia team.
  11. That's for sure. He has helped me a ton!
  12. A Few Car Photo's from CTS 3/28/15

    Those are just awesome. The colors are so bright. More please!
  13. 2015 CTS Pit Map

    What does the red dots signify?