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  1. Super stocks @ HMP

    The idea of affordable racing and crates in the same sentence is far apart. Order the crate, order the $1000 carb that it needs, order the headers it needs, order the ignition it needs. It all adds up way past $5000 for a low hp engine that isn't nothing but a over priced pure stock engine. Friend of mine got his 604 and after it was all said and done with what was recommended for the bolt on parts, he was a little over $10,000. He then regretted it. If you have a intake leak, got to pull it out and send it off.
  2. please clarify fuel please

    I was told E85 is legal for I-37 by Mr. Keylich
  3. Crane ignition box

    Fixed it
  4. Crane ignition box

    It's on 8
  5. Crane ignition box

    Can't seem to get my crane hi-6rc box to work with my msd hei distributor. I hook it up, no start, unhooked it, then it starts. I am supposed to remove the module? One diagram said to do so but another didn't say that. And now my tach don't work.
  6. 500 carb question

    Probably the main body
  7. Pro Truck on Dirt?

    Trucks would get better right side note from body roll due to being more top heavy. I don't know anyone who would use an asphalt shock on dirt. I was there that night when Rusty won in his truck. I believe he did it also with a 305 engine. Also, Bud and Charley Henley did it too with their metric truck purpose built for asphalt by Benker. They did very well and won a couple races in it in the limited late model class with those big dirt tires.
  8. CC Speedways plans!

    I know Dan from CTS. He helped me out and loaned me parts. He's a great guy but he will speak his mind and not tell some bogus story.
  9. No Spark

    If there's no stored codes or active codes then its a mechanical issue.
  10. The class is really taking off. Nick is doing it right. If I had not bought a new house, I would have bought 2 legacy's. I may not agree with nick on things on speedzone but he's the only one running a stable class with fair racing.
  11. The kid was under the influence and has money hungry parents. Enough said.
  12. Safety in the pits.

    Very much a safety concern. I say if they speed or act dumb in the pits behind the wheel, they automatically start last next race and loose their pit spot and pit outside the gates for the year.
  13. How to fix the Allstar Race?

    Let them Duke it out for (2) 75 lap races. First race winner gets $500,000, second race gets the Millon and a spot in the chase. All rules stay the same as a points race except of course no points. Leave the tire strategies, fuel, lug nuts up to the crew cheif. That way we will see who the best driver, crew cheif and team out there.
  14. Nascar

    Seems like NASCAR has come back to racers and fans happy again. I noticed a big difference in the racing at the Daytona 500. I like it again. Every race has been exciting and all cars are competitive.