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  1. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    Welcome to what I've been fighting for several years now in pure stocks!! Sad!!! I can never get an answer. Sorry to hear ss are same way now
  2. Brakes

    Either way suxs with what you have to work with...trouble shooting is rather hard I've been fighting it for the past 5 years...i finally said who needs brakes on dirt!!! With proper install and bleeding process manual has worked best for me but it was alot of effort!!! Lots of reading and lots of brake fluid!!!
  3. The Chase Heats Up

    Well with a surface like last Saturday you get a lot more racing and a lot less caution laps. Also you get more opportunity to pass slower cars. Running the imca structure is good for those that run for points and have a bad night but then again it requires drivers not to pile in turn 1 or 3 knowing the cars in front may be the slower cars...
  4. racing

    It's has nothing to do with how TO drive!!! Its about HOW the car is driven!!! And the respect for the other driver and their cars!!! Edna drivers drive all day with i37. Understand the difference!
  5. #14 Purestock

    So...here we go...100% the reason I sold my sh@@...so you bang and beat bang and beat and you are not at fault at all? I've been saying it all year. And now eyes are finally open...well it's a little too late. Don't go bad mouthing when your just as guilty...there was never an intention to hurt a driver so don't go saying that b's. It's racing right!!! It was under green just like when my shit got torn to pieces and 6 other cars. Banging and catching someone in the rr is not intentional? Humm...just like society you only worry about you when your involved but when it's going on and you say nothing your just as guilty. So who is to blame!!! Maybe the insurance people bc we c ant get insurance on racecars!!!
  6. Tecate Night at the Races

    Well it was almost a reenactment of a month ago pile up the top 6 cars!!! Just glad the 7 car was able to keep from spinning and continue the race..making the turn out a good ending!! And all cars drive away. That's a good race.
  7. Arnold Oil Night at the Races

    Any word on why not live on rontx? Thanks
  8. What a night for the EMODS

    To me the emods had a pretty clean race compared to few other classes...its survival of the fittest out there!!!
  9. DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

    I always wanted to go and try the place and finally made trip and have been very satisfied both times I've been.
  10. DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

    Yes sir...hope to be back after vacationing.
  11. Pure Stock Rules Clarification / Updates

    I'm trying to clarify this. Yes wording has been updated but now they say two different things right? If you have to run a pigtail spring on a stock perch then the part about non adjustable spring bucket on rearend needs to be removed, Bc it has to be a stock perch on rearend nothing else? Thanks DANIEL
  12. Pure Stock Rules Clarification / Updates

    Nope problem is cars already dont have stock spring perch on rearend that were considered illegal now they can leave them and not have to put stock mounts back.
  13. Black flag ...opinion only

    goes back to having all 3 tracks on same rule package so there are no gray areas.