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  1. First races you attended?

    1956,CC speedway,14 years old, Shorty Rollins won,pits were on the north end.Iremember at the drivers meeting the cop that worked the pits telling the drivers that if there was a fight that night to watch out because he was going to be in it............there was no fight that night!
  2. Where did it go?

    Glenn Bopp put this car together for Billy McGinnis (Spelling?) to race the Snow Ball the owners of the car parted ways at the race and the car went back to Glenns Shop minus the engine. Glenn wanted one of his new offset chassis in S.A. and he wanted Hubert Bean to own it. Hubert sold our old Bopp chassis to Carl Wentrick we put the rest of the money together and bought the car, put our old shop built 331 in. aluminum rod motor in it and started kickin ass with it. 70% left side weight combined with the Bean Bandits 20 + years of experience made this car hard to out run. It didn't spend much time in the corners. 17:50, not quite but it did turn sub 18's consistantly. This was in the day of outlaw late models, look at the roof line the spoiler and the airdam. If you couldn't run low 18's in that era you may as well leave it on the trailer. As far as Fire Ball owning the track record you would have to ask Leon Grimes about that. Some will say that this car owns the fast time. This is the car that Hubert won his only Championship with. Glenn Bopp and I both knew he had it in him and I'm glad we had the chance to prove it. Thank you for remembering our trips to the winners circle. If you will check the record book at the New Pan American Speedway, Hubert also holds fast time there.
  3. Old SAS Track Records

    Nick there was an article in SA Express News around July 4th 1980 where I thought it said Hubert Bean ran 17.5 at Hi Way 16. I saw the picture of that car - the roof was cut down so low in front I don't know how Hubert saw out out! BTW what did the supers run at San Antonio when they ran in 1980 - I heard that Chet Phillips had run 16.5 in his Hite car. Somebody needs to tell the elliot fan to check out the current post on where are they now.
  4. Where did it go?

    Does anyone remember this car and where it went after this picture was taken at 5 flags in 1982 at the Snow Ball?
  5. butch harris pics

    Hey Thumper ,being from the valley do you remember Bare Foot McNabb
  6. butch harris pics

    Would you be talking about this Mexican Bean. Picture was taken at Martindale in 1955 the same day A.J. was there with Ray Harrelsons tip tank. I also have pictures of the NHRA Safty Safari Trailer and pictures of the class winners. Small world Thumper. You made my day. By the way I also have the Dec. 55 issue of Hot Rod that covered the event.
  7. John Foster

    I think i have some pictures of John Foster's race car taken in 83 or 84 I'll try to find them. By the way John foster could scare the hell out of a fast race car.
  8. In Nashville at the all american 400 in 1983 Iwas taking pictures on turn 2, each time a yellow would come out you see smoke pour out of the window net, first time I ever saw a cigarette lighter in a race car. RIP
  9. Glen Bopp passes

    The 44 car that Hubert Bean won his only championship with in 1984 at hwy 16 was a Bopp off set chassis or old car went Carl Wentrick it was also a Bopp . Carl won the limited late model championship the same year.Some people say that Hubert set the fastes lap at hwy16 with that race car. OK come on back with it I can take the heat. Glenn Bopp had his act together. R.I.P
  10. STA-BIL

    Star - tron works. It is an enzyme that feeds on the stuff that causes varnish Buy some at any parts chain and read about it.

    Get a catch in my throat every time I hear SHE'S JUST A GIRL I USED TO KNOW.
  12. Meet The Legends

    If you were involved in the birth of N.H.R.A. and you believe in patriotism you will not believe whats going to take place saturday at Lone Star Motor Sports Park. Be there or be..........................well you know.
  13. Meet The Legends

    The young man standing by Paul Jetts race car went on to become the most recognized name in Texas early day NHRA drag racing. Whats his name. The young man in the above picture is August "HANDS" Hartkoph who went on to become a true legend in Texas drag racing Hands is gone but a lot of legends remain and a bunch of them will be present at this event. COME MEET THE LEGENDS.
  14. easter

    HE IS RISEN! Easter means he lives !
  15. Meet The Legends

    The big guy would not be too proud of little brother right now, seems as though he has gone to the big house for an extended stay........................a very extender stay!