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Hook's RPM

Just curious... Would you all be better served by...

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No one in this area runs 602 crates in late models. I had a little talk about that this weekend, hopefully more talks to come.


There are some tracks (small dust bowls) that the 602 can run well with the 604. Other than that, the 604 has the advantage.


That is important to note, because a lot of guys won't build a car that they are limited on where they can run.


SPEC shock option was also brought up. Again, you have a lot of guys that don't want to go this route, but I think the SPEC shock is a good thing.


As with any class that is limited, TECH is key. Lack of tech will kill a class like this in a heartbeat. As soon as guys feel like they are getting beat outside of the rule book, and you know they will, they will want some proof from tech. If tech doesn't do anything about it, they'll move on to race somewhere else.

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