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Answering some F.A.Q.'s....

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We have received several calls & emails asking how we operate, I hope this helps answer everyone's questions.

1. We are really simple, call us & tell us what you want, we will shop it through our vendors/dealers to see who gives the better price at that time. We send it to you in a quote & it's up to you as to what the next step will be.


2. Why should I buy through your company and not just order through them directly?

We are authorized dealers for Day Motorsports, JR Motorsports, Smiley's Race Products & Performance Bodies. Our normal policy is 3% to 5% discount on any of their products. For the month of June we are giving a 10% discount. We are going to give you a discount and save you some money just because you ordered it through us. This will continue to be our policy, we will always give a discount simply because you bought through us. Not a gimmick or a one time situation this is and always will be our policy!


3. Is there shipping fees?

If you want to pick your order/products up from us then there is NO SHIPPING CHARGE on Day Motorsports or Smiley's Race Products orders unless you want it over nighted or you place your order after our scheduled trip to these two businesses. If your product comes from out of state then yes there will be a shipping charge. Our discounts that we give normally offset the shipping fees, this is one reason we give the discounts. Most of the time you even come out ahead because of the discount.


I hope this helped answer some questions and as always we are only a phone call or email away. We would like to thank everyone in your interest in Cagle Motorsports and thank everyone for making yesterday our biggest sales day to date. Had a huge day yesterday and it was a blast speaking with everyone.


Kelly Cagle

Cagle Motorsports


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