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  1. San Antonio Track List

    There were also Big Car (sprint car) races there on November 8, 1936. Does anyone know who won the feature event on that day too?
  2. San Antonio Track List

    There were Big Car (sprint car) races on the 1/2 mile dirt oval at the San Antonio Fairgrounds on November 15, 1936 but I can't seem to find out who won the feature event that day. Does anyone on this board happen to know? Thanks.
  3. Here is a link to a web page where you can learn more about Joe Ziebro, his life, and his involvement in the promotion of auto races: http://KansasRacingHistory.com/CoxCable/Ziobro.htm
  4. Harold "Harry" Peterson raced in A.A.A. sanctioned big car races in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before he passed away at Weatherford, Texas in 1945. Does anyone know of any photos of him? http://KansasRacingHistory.com/AAUpload/Harold-Peterson.htm
  5. Johnny Lee lived at San Angelo, Texas and raced all around the Midwest in the 1920s and 1930s. Does anyone know of any photos of him? http://KansasRacingHistory.com/CoxCable/John-Howard-Lee.htm
  6. Joe Ziebro (occasionally found as Zeebro) is credited with building the Suicide Bowl racetrack at Waco and then promoting jalopy, hot rod, stock car and midget races there from 1946 until his retirement from the sport in 1956. Is there anything more known about this man?
  7. MIDGETS in Texas

    According to Bill Hill's book, "Decades of Daring", John Stanfield was a midget owner from Dallas in the 1940s. He later moved to Tulsa and, at one time, he owned the former O'Day Offy big car. Does anyone know more about John Stanfield?
  8. This car may have raced in Texas. Does anyone recognize it?
  9. Glen Breed

    Glen Breed had been driving racing cars throughout the Midwest for 15 years before he moved south to Dallas in 1920. Once in Texas, he raced his Hudson “Super Six” on such dirt ovals as the Fair Park Racetrack at the Texas State Expo in Dallas, San Antonio Speedway, and the West Texas State Fairgrounds Racetrack at Abilene before moving to San Antonio in 1921. The following year, he added Gulf Coast Speedway at Houston to his schedule and then moved his family to Austin in 1923. That year, his known racing venues included the East Texas Motor Speedway between Port Arthur and Beaumont. At the end of the 1923 racing season, Breed sold his Hudson to Herbert Haas of San Angelo and retired to Corpus Christi where he opened a garage. It is probable that he had raced at other racetracks that we just do not know about yet. You can find more about Glen Breed and his racing career on the following web page of my web site: http://winfield.50megs.com/BreedSt.htm I would like to learn more about Glen Breed and his racing so if you know anything about him, please let me hear about it.