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  1. Go kart engine - FOUND ONE!

    SOS Racing on Facebook. Just bought me a new one for $395 with all the modifications done.
  2. friday night madness

    For normal carts its turn 3, but you know us backward yard karts...
  3. friday night madness

    The flying cart was me, I tried to lift off and fly over everyone...Best race I ever had (it was my 3rd attempt), but every race I've messed up coming off turn 2. Best race/Worse Finish. I will say once again, that neck brace saved me for sure. Just a bruise on my shoulder where i landed, and on my thigh were the steering wheel got me. I had to much weight on the outside (leftside) of the cart, and so when I hit the gas to recover from that slide, the inside (right side) lifted up and over I went... L87 Speedway - Flying Yard Kart
  4. Oct.10 results?

  5. Graphics and Vinyl

    Who would be a good person to contact for graphic design and some vinyl. I am starting a business and figured you guys would be able to get me in the right direction Tom
  6. Off Topic I NEED HELP!

    Corpus Had talked about starting something to that effect, where they can tow off ugly unregistered vehicles...I figured at least my truck was registered, cause it sure it ugly...
  7. good machine shop

    Ive seen them around...I was just kidding, considering how much BS you get from others about the status of your cars...
  8. good machine shop

    OT, is that why your car isnt ready...is it still sitting at bruces?
  9. The Bull logo?

    93, While I do agree with you, I do not see this as a big deal, it isnt the first time jason has tried to accuse me of copyright and or trademark infringement....
  10. The Bull logo?

    Jason so you will know me nor my dad designed the bull graphic... Only Mike & Shawn can tell you who designed it... but I have never seen a universitys mascot with aspahlt textured horns, or highway stripes... Tom Creacy PS. There was some recent litigation between the Texas Longhorns and the folks that created the Saw Em Off Slogan, all they had to go was add a goatee and it got court approval...
  11. New Website

    Ogars, Bulls, and Race Cars OHMY!....
  12. "The Chase"......another dud

    Last Sentence of the article... There is no easy answer, but France better find one soon before fans continue tuning out. Solution, Run 35 Races then on Race #36 reset points on all 43 drivers to 0, run the 36th race and the winner takes home the cup..... Maybe then somebody would watch...just have to figure out how to make people watch the first 35 races

    That gets quote of the day honors right there......
  14. Meeting

    Buggin ~ I dont know what your thinking but we are trying to help and revitalize CCSpeedway....
  15. CC Speedway Web Site

    Just and Idea, Since some Dirt Classes Race rotating weekends. When Its an off night on Dirt run them on asphalt, and just flip flop back and forth, combine the points and then you can have some kind of Corpus Racing Champ..