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  1. David Star in a Modified

    Thanks Speed Demon, Great pic!!
  2. David Starr

    I saw that too, on Speed, But I checked it out, and unfortunately, it is Not true..
  3. Daytona Truck Race

    Yea, I would say this got a bit out of hand..I am apalled..And,To attack a new member??? This Ferdinand the Kosher Kowboy dude or whatever, doesnt even have a clue..and I suspect with his childish postings only WANTS to start trouble..I wouldnt pay attention to him, MagicMan..HE is not worth your time..I wouldn't say he is worth anyone's time... I've been here a while, and I am totally embarrassed the way MY friend was treated....Not even sure I want to be around anymore....This kind of behavior not only runs off new members, but existing ones as well...
  4. New guy on the site

    HEY MagicMan!! Glad you joined over here...
  5. Personal Appearance

    David will be in Athens, Tx..at the Brookshire's Store, Saturday Feb 4th, from 10am -2pm..He will be there with his "Allegro" showcar. Thats a short drive for me, I'll be there!
  6. David's NEW RIDE!

    Jeff Hamond's Red Horse Racing, Toyota Truck #38!! Red Horse Racing
  7. David's NEW RIDE!

    Yes he Did! He was the fastest in the drafting for Sunday, and actually He postde the fastest Speed over all 3 days!
  8. Ultra Motorsports

    There's gotta be more to it than losing a sponsor..Daytona is more than a month away--They Just won the Championship, would it be that hard to find a sponsor for a championship team ??? Smith is blaming Ford..I just dont believe that! Why couldnt the team do what the 75 team did, or something similar anyways..The 75 team lost Chevy money, plus they lost their engine maker, Hutto...They partner up with Gibbs, get Gibbs engines and a diversity driver..Smith was in trouble with the EPA, maybe thats why he shut down...
  9. Your suggestions?

    Can I do this again, Chuck????? I know I already did mine at DavidStarr.com...But what the heck, Huh? LOL Kenny Bernstein Ray Beadle Carl Edwards DAVID STARR--Who else ???
  10. David's NEW RIDE!

    Red Horse Racing needed more consistency...Sounds like it was a problem with the sponsors... Here is another article that explains more about it : Foxsports.com I wish Brandon well, and I hope he ends up being David's teamate..
  11. David Starr parts ways with Spears #75

    Gonna Be a Much better 2006 for David! David will probably have an announcement in another 2 to 3 weeks..
  12. There is story at Truckseries : Truckseries.com It was SO time for David to move on!!! David is pursuing other opportunities, Hoping to hear good News soon!! Watch David's site, or I will post something here when there is something announced!
  13. Robert Richardson NCTS

    The Truck race is rained out--postponed until 7:30 am CST tomorrow morning..
  14. Kurt Busch, reckless? no way !

    Roush suspended him for the remaining 2 races..
  15. My TMS pics!

    Thought I would share my pics from the TMS weekend...I still have yet to upload them all, but here's what I Have up so far.. http://community.webshots.com/album/499808957fFwAGh
  16. My TMS pics!

    Good idea, Budman...Ok, here's what I have on him..I took this off an old cached Bio-page from David's website. "Starr has been racing hard for nearly 20 years now, a career that started near his hometown of Houston, Texas. At the age of 14 he got behind the wheel of his first racecar in the Street Stock division at a local dirt track. In 1983, Starr was the track champion at Big H Speedway just outside of Houston. He continued with his late model career for the next seven years and captured over 20 wins. In 1993, Starr made the move from dirt to pavement as an instructor at the Team Texas High Performance Driving School, a position he still enjoys as time allows. Over the next two years, Starr had two starts in the ARCA Series, was a test driver and crew member for a NASCAR Busch Series team headed by Donnie Allison, continued as an instructor at the driving school and occasionally got back behind the wheel of his dirt late model. In 1996, Starr competed full-time in the Texas International Drivers Association (TIDA). Starr became the first rookie to win a TIDA race, in fact, he won two races including the Texas Race of Champions at Texas World Speedway. The following season, Buddy Morrison of Reher-Morrison Racing Engines joined the TIDA team. That year Starr added an additional three wins to his record. With this success, the team felt they were ready to move up to the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. In 1998, with a limited budget and no test time, Starr qualified for five truck series races and led the field for several laps at Texas Motor Speedway. The Reher-Morrison Team was looking forward to a full season in 1999, when Morrison passed away. With little time left before the 1999 season, Starr teamed up with Joey Sonntag and the two built the No. 73 truck team. Although the team was under funded and inexperienced, Starr competed in all but one race and finished the season 22nd in the series point standings. During the 2000 season, Starr had five top-15 finishes in 13 truck series starts. He also spent some time competing in the Winston West Series and won the event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on April 22, 2000. In 2001, Starr competed in only five truck series races but proved what he could do in quality equipment. He scored three top-five finishes and four top-10 finishes. These were the performances that caught the eye of Wayne Spears and eventually led to an invitation to drive the No. 75 Chevrolet."
  17. Robert Richardson NCTS

    I'm at TMS right now, Chuck! You'd Better come and see us over here in the infield!

    SPEED tv 8pm Friday! I'll be there, in the infield Thursday thru Monday! We'll actually be there Wednesday night, on TMS premisis, but not quite sure where... I can't wait! This Has to be David's time to win at his home track!!
  19. ATLANTA Motor Speedway

    On SPEED Sat., Oct. 29, 2005 2:00 pm CST Qualifying, Live at Truckseries.com Sat., Oct. 29, 2005 10:30 am CST GOOOOOO DAVID!!
  20. ATLANTA Motor Speedway

    David Starts 17th today--race starts in 1 hr...
  21. Martinsville

    SPEED * MRN * XM Sat., Oct. 22, 2005 TV Time: 12:00 Noon CST Live Qualifying at Truckseries.com Fri., Oct. 21, 2005 3:45 pm CST Approx. Practice Fri. Oct. 21, 2005 8:00 am - 10:15 am CST GOOOOOOOOOO DAVID!!!!
  22. Tire Gremlins @ Charlotte

    Combination of the soft tires and Humpy's Wheeler's grinding up the track...??
  23. TMS Cup Weekend in Nov.

    I will be there! Camping in the infield!
  24. Richmond

    On SPEED tv! 7pm CST