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  1. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    Does anyone have the outcome on the property?
  2. Denny Burton?

    Could this be Denny Burton? #3G AKA Gingerbreadman
  3. old houstom pics

    Here are some pics from the internet that I found.
  4. Is the Chili Bowl going to be televised any during the week? Or is any of it going to be televised? What channel?
  5. What are some of the avg. lap times for classes at SOS? Isn't this a 3/8 track? I would be interested in some of the details and lap times of the classes that run there now. I ran with the TSSA back in the early 90s there and it was a nice track. May try and come to this weekend's races with all the great classes going to be out there.
  6. These are pictures of Charlie Buckner. Does anyone have any info on these pics or Charlie himself? I have been told he won a couple of Championships in Modifieds at Arrowhead Speedway. Trying to find out more info. ** Nick, might need help resizing, they are kind of big.
  7. Texas Racers Hall of Fame

    Shorty Rollins- CC area- 1957 Nascar rookie of the year
  8. Texas Racers Hall of Fame

    Maybe Johnny Rutherford???
  9. Playland Park

    Is that Charlie Buckner in the jeans next to Nash?
  10. Wayne Stark

    Wayne owns Stark Bros. meat market on Freeport St. in East Houston (Cloverleaf). He told my father in law about his racing times and I wanted to know if anyone ever heard or new of him.
  11. Gingerbreadman

    I think the Gingerbreadman is the one and only Denny Burton!!!
  12. Wayne Stark

    Does anyone remember Wayne Stark? He raced figure 8 at meyerland speedway and I heard he won 13 of 14 races one year.
  13. Where is Gill Dudek?

    Does anyone have Gill or Judy's email or phone number? I would like to get some old videos. Thanks for the help.
  14. Jake Landis

    Does anyone remember a guy named Jake Landis? He owned the car that my dad drove in the early '50s.I don't believe he ever drove, just a good car builder and mechanic.
  15. Go Karting Today!

    What indoor track did you go to? I would like to take my boys.