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  1. Which Night?

    Only reason I say Friday is so you can work with cbs and sts and that's the only night I can be there lol.
  2. Which Night?

    I'm not talking about big sponsors I'm just talking about spectators. There are a lot of guys that like racing if there was a track close they would go to. But you can't get away long enough to travel working down here like we do. We knows maybe one day we'll actually find out LOL until then go north it is
  3. Which Night?

    Not to mention with all the oilfield companies now and the area I bet the stands would be packed if advertised correctly
  4. Which Night?

    If you run Fridays then you're not going to be competing against cotton bowl on Saturdays. Half the field that runs Cottonbowl is from Austin area and south I bet you have a decent show on Friday nights. Just gives another option for guys to run Friday night south instead of having to drive to hot. It takes me a little over two hours to get from my house in Pleasanton to Cottonbowl if you start at eight I think you have a good field every Friday.
  5. Which Night?

  6. Any Word?

    we run cotton bowl on Saturday's right now Jimmy. Like I said before hopefully if a track opens down here again itll run Fridays to work with cottonbowl
  7. Any Word?

    If it's ever opened back up would be cool if races ran on Fridays
  8. Tommy "Dr. Hook" Freeman - Rest in Peace

    Hate to hear it, prayers for yall
  9. racing garage find

    That's cool
  10. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    thank you for updates
  11. With rain everywhere curious how it is looking there
  12. Any Word?

    sure looks like a good spot for a race track!
  13. invert

    I know everyone now days likes a slick track and yes its easier on motors but I think its boring to have the same track every week. If you wanna take it home and run the valves and wash it off then go drag racing. Id like a track thats not the same every week now I dont mean I want a heavy track thats not race able but what happened to having to make adjustments and try things out keeping every one thinking. Just my opinon.