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  1. Thank you Nick. Last week was a tough week, and this one will be equally difficult.
  2. Interesting article, but it's surprising to me how little real information they included which would support the headline. Maybe the author just didn't interview the right people. Or maybe the author didn't want to end up being called as a witness in the rumored litigation? If all the lawsuit rumors are correct, Mr. Coleman should know more than he lets on in the interview, and selling the track won't offer much shelter. Time will tell.
  3. Results for 6-3-17

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia? How cool is that?
  4. 500 carb question

    Every time that has happened to me it has been the needle-point pill under the squirter nozzle stuck in the down position. If the carb has been sitting a while, i would assume that is the culprit. Remove the squirter nozzle and look down the hole. Gently work the throttle and see if the pill tries to lift up from the pressure of the fuel. If it doesn't, it's stuck. You can usually unstick it with a very skinny screwdriver. Just jiggle it back and forth to free it up. If this is your problem, the carb may need to be disassembled and cleaned.
  5. Stolen truck

    Great success story!!! Love it.
  6. 3/25 results?

    Are they posted somewhere?
  7. CTS Update

    It appears the previous lease holder is selling everything they own which was related to the operation of the business but not owned by the property owner. Probably no surprise there. So if someone wanted to lease the place to run as a race track, they would start with only the shell of what what it takes to run the business. If that person was out there, my guess is that SAS would still be running. Sad day for Texas asphalt racing, but the handwriting is on the wall folks. I guess the good news is that TX dirt track racing should really flourish, and the E coast programs should get a nice bump also.
  8. Thanks Nick!

    Geez, how did the fans cope with that "Northern" accent? J/K - Nick is always there to help when needed.
  9. Tommy "Cat Daddy" Owen

    RIP Tommy. Taken too soon.
  10. Zippy Hippy

    I believe it had something to do with a warning given from the previous race.
  11. Questions about bending tube

  12. This is only about who will pay in the event he is found liable. Not much to get worked up about. Tony probably should have been more familiar with the fine print in his policy.
  13. I saw something last night that concerned me and prompted me to issue this plea for safety. No need to mention names - could happen to anyone. One of the dwarfs exited the track after the race way too fast, pitched the car sideways just after entering the pits, and nailed the throttle again as he made his way around the corner. You would have thought the race had transitioned into a road course format in the pits. It was well after dark and the place was packed. If someone had been walking past the track exit at the time, the result would have been tragic. So to the drivers - please, check the temper and the throttle at the track exit. The pits are dark and there are no traffic cops working the pits. We must police ourselves to ensure safety. To the other folks in the pits - always keep your head on a swivel when walking on one of the roads, especially after dark. Stay observant and ready to move when you need to. Rant over...
  14. Cotton Bowl Speedway live updates 6-25-16

    Thanks Reb. Did the NE Smith cars run a feature?
  15. Safety in the pits.

    He's out of surgery and on the road to recovery. He can use prayers and positive thoughts for sure.
  16. Safety in the pits.

    Soaker, we are talking about two different instances, but that affirms the message.
  17. RIP Steve Turner

    Never knew Mr Turner real well, but the little bit I knew seemed on the up side. My prayers are with the Turner family.
  18. April 23rd race

    John, if you are talking about the live feed on race day, it's called race monitor. Speed hive is the mylaps app you can use after they have been uploaded after the races.
  19. Saginaw Question

    I normally jack up the right side of the truck a little more than the left and fill until it runs back out the hole - almost 2 qts.
  20. Just a tip for you guys - the results were up on the mylaps mobile app very fast. It's worth the free download.
  21. In-truck video

    Our in-truck video from Sat for those who are interested.
  22. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    Jerry Spencer sells tires and race fuel at the track. For $10 per tire they will dismount/mount for you or $5 if you only need them mounted.
  23. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    Thanks Radracr. I know that's an honest assessment. We did it for 2 years without missing a race and raced THR/CTS on the HMP off weekends. It's tough, but I think you might find it worth a trip at least every now and then. Since CTS is only racing once per month, you'll have plenty of time to butter up the wife between events. ;-)
  24. The article doesn't prove anything, but it certainly sums up the circumstantial evidence well enough to cast a whole bunch of doubt.
  25. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    Just curious, but why not bring the truck to CTS?