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  1. He passed his swallow test this morning... Got to eat real food, and had a whole day planned out on watching the homestead race.. Said he'd like to see truex win it, but he likes harvick a lot. Thanx for all the prayers! It's still gonna be work, but with gods grace,your prayers and his take it on the chin and get back up attitude,, it looks real promising.
  2. Rest in Peace, Gilbert Salazar

    Sad news... You meet people at tracks that you just naturally like, Gilbert was one of them for me. Helped us out More then a few times and always told me to come something of there grill to eat. Prayers to the Salazars... Godspeed sir.
  3. Taber Motorsports Small Time Racer

    Rich guys.... I guess I'm pretty 'uppity' for my trailer park. I made a decision, to race or to party. I don't party, I race.. I eat a lot of Bologna, it's been one day shy of a week since Ive had anything other than what I bought at the grocery store. It was a 1/4 pounder, it tasted like a New York strip. I wear clothes clean out. I wear $35 dollar Walmart boots that are a pain in my ass, have for 15 years, one pair a year. Probably have done permanent damage. I don't even splurge on my own fire suit, Ive been wearing my brothers old one for four seasons ( hoping to get 5 out of it). I don't really know you, I'm gonna try not to judge anybody's character. Just know the sacrifices I've made and are still making to race. Maybe it's something to look at. ... And I have had more opportunities than most, I'm not gonna lie. I come from a racing family: my dad builds race cars/trucks. I grew up with it. But nothing was a gimme. I'm at a very fortunate place now... But for 15 years I struggled to find help. When it didn't come I worked for it, when that wasnt enuff I sacrificed. And there are thousands like me, like us.. But, how ever you feel like going about it, more power to you. So do what you feel you have to do. Just remember, engines blow, cars get wrecked... It's an endless pit, and if you can't work the shovel you're not helping your situation.
  4. Taber Motorsports Small Time Racer

    Sorry... But I gotta tell ya how disappointing it is to see this process used in such a manner. I have a bro n law (we are closer than brothers) who has been in and out of hospitals for the past 3 1/2 months. 4 months ago he was a very healthy 37 year old man, with a one year old daughter and 8 year old son, and my sister, a stay at home mom. The healthy part changed when he had to have intestinal and colon surgery. A guy that never missed a day of work, and I mean never, has now only worked maybe a total of 4 weeks outta the last 4 months. He is to proud to ask for anybody's help and hardly will accept it. Even as the bills pile up, existing and now medical. I guess what I'm saying... Is morales, pride and ethic are squandered on some. I fully expected to see a 14-15 year old kid on that page that cannot get steady work , really really wants to race and saw no other option besides gofundme.. Which would still not make it right, but maybe a little more understandable, for his age. Not a grown a-- man. I've had lots and lots of help with my racing, way more than most people, and I'm very grateful for all of it. But I've also worked my ass of to race and earn (xtra money) to race with. I've never asked or expected some body to just 'pay for it'... The privilege of being able to race comes from labor.... And it's gotta start with you. Don't ask for charity to pay for your privilege... Go earn it Sorry, had to say it.

    28 truck
  6. So camshafts must remain stock and meet specs of 668. No re-work. And I'm assuming slotted rotors are illegal, not for cooling purposes, but they could be considered lightened. And I say not illegal for cooling purposes because I'm assuming we can run brake fans, ducting etc.. If there's no rule on cooling of the brake system.
  7. So trucks.. What is the specification by "GM" or the track on duration and lift of a the camshaft.. Which should remain stock? Is it stock, if not ,, where's my barrier?
  8. Colt James crash video

    Sucked not knowing for 5 minutes (which seemed like an hour) waiting for updates to know if he was alright.
  9. Tommy "Dr. Hook" Freeman - Rest in Peace

    Man ....so sorry for you,your mom and family josh. He was definitely an original one of a kind guy. Feel horrible for you guys.
  10. CTS info

    ..and that was my 1st post on the 'new' system. what is a warning point and why don't i have some. i might have to work on that nick.
  11. CTS info

    i don't understand the non-sanction, then again i don't pay the bills. BUT- for all the pissing and moaning from guys that didn't get licenced or only ran a handful of races and then were mad about not getting more from nascar.......you forget the insurance, the publicity that comes from putting nascar in front of it (it attracts more interest than just Such and Such Speedway), and the check. i loved the $1,500 check they sent.
  12. Spotters

    I consider my spotter to be the most important member of our team when it's race time. I love her. I believe she could teach classes, she's that good.
  13. Jerry Spencer flooded house

    talked to him earlier. it got 4 rooms of his house connected to the garage.....came in through the garage. onion creek had reach all the way up to his deck in the back, that didn't get em but a break off came down the street 2 to 3 ft. high. he's a positive guy, he kept saying he was lucky compared to others...all i could say or think is 'it still sux' but he would just say how lucky they were. he said right now he didn't need any help, but that could change. to add insult to injury, the week prior some a--hole broke in his truck and took alot of personal items. jerry had always been a role model for me, growing up watching him race and just his all around attitude and nature. and still now, tonight talking to him and how positive he can remain, i mean not one negative thing to say.....he's a pretty awesome dude.
  14. Double Points Race

    Yep. Why even have poll? 90 percent are gonna like the idea.if you have nothing to loose and everything to gain... Kinda chicken sh-t, but it is what is.
  15. Prayer for LeAnn Albert

    she is a very awesome lady, it sux that such a sweet person has to go through what she goes through. she's always in mine.
  16. Kevin Gould in the "Live Five" First Win

    awesome job kevin and allyson!....lots more to come.
  17. Super Stocks

    i don't get it? in every class. 3car said it best drivers drive. CTS is offering everthing anybody said they have wanted in order to race (and WAY MORE) and still these no shows don't show. keyboard commandoes that just want excuses, and they're out of them. cary- i was disappointed with how many houston trucks didn't show up, (grateful for the ones that did) and then i thought kinda grateful for the ones that didn't,,,if you know what i mean....jim didn't have enuff roll backs to fit their style of racing. if you want good , hard, CLEAN racing that pays the best in the state come to CTS. if you wanna wreck your way to the front, do a thousand dollars worth of damage to your equipment with a check that will cover the whataburger on the way home.....please stay on the third coast.
  18. HMP too wet to race, April 27

    Hopefully that means we'll see some extra truck guys in Kyle next week... You know, withdrawals and all.
  19. CTS

    i'll be looking for you at the san antonio race Mayor,,,,,,just don't bring that damn drunk goat. he always makes a scene and steals all the glory.
  20. which trucks ran at cts ?

    33 99 50 1 28 9 183 18 36
  21. i'm doing a jig!!!!! thank you guys.
  22. Trucks

    i like c.c.speedway....we don't commit to anything. i couldn't tell you if we are commited to running all HMP or if THR (by a new name) has a 1/2 way full schedule that we would commit to that. i would like to race any and every race that SAS puts together. but chris likes the idea of running once or twice in C.C. and i do to. so that's a check for us.
  23. Whats racing to you?

    POW! Thats whats finally got my head on straight.. Tired of chasing women, tired of the brown bottle flu, and tired of throwing money away at both.. So for 4 years i tried to tell you that....i should have known the 1st time we went and practiced and you could NOT quit throwing the car sideways that it was gonna take DIRT to convince you. stick with it no matter what matt. it will save your life. all those years i kept telling you to "save your money, we need tires this week" and "you NEED to race this week" i was speaking from experience. it's a safer and more respectable form of danger. awesome deal bud!
  24. i thought it was a very nice facility.....the track conditions were horrible (they must have got ALOT of rain).the show ran slow mainly due to mother nature. but all in all something the owner(s) should be very proud of.
  25. Whats racing to you?

    i can't dance.