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  1. Track Champions

    Congratulations Mickey!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help this season and for inviting us to SOS back in the early months. A points run was not in the picture but after much fun running at SOS and with a great group of guys, it turned into a chase (at least for second). I think you had first tied up early on. As for a battle with Victor, I have no doubt that it would have come down to the end of the race. Thanks Last Minute Racing......... Congratulations Andy!!!!!!!!!! Way to go...........Keep up the finishes and may next season be your best yet!!!!!!! We love you, Melissa, Amalia, Hannah & Rebekah Your Pink Posse Crew
  2. Thoughts & prayers for Jim @ SOS

    On behalf of Brian, he asked me to post the following: He is on his way to see Jim in San Antionio. AS SOON AS HE KNOWS something, he will update everyone accordingly. His phone has been ringing nonstop since last night and he is unable to return all of your calls. Please hold up on the calls and texts. He asks that everyone keep the Scribellito family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Brian McDevitt
  3. August 8, 2009

    Drivers & Pit Crew Members, Some or all of you may have seen our original post about the school supply donation and giveaway. This is just a reminder that the actual donation date is just in 2 weeks-the next race date. For those of you that are not aware, Jim is giving a $5.00 discount off the purchase of your next pit pass if you bring in $5.00 worth of school supplies. This discount applies to every person that walks into the pit gate entrance. What a benefit to the teams, and in the end, a great cause. Thanks Jim! Please take time over the next week or two to prepare and be part of this great event. It is a great cause and it will benefit the children of the surrounding areas. It's just one more reason to be proud of being associated with a track that truly cares about its' drivers, sponsors, fans and community. Thank you.......... Shady Oaks Speedway, LMR & Pink Posse Racing
  4. Shady Oaks 7-25-09

    As usual, great night of racing!!!!!!!! It just keeps getting better.......... Thanks Jim and SOS staff for the time and effort you all put into the track and facility. See you on the 8th.............
  5. In honor of...

    Brian, We are truly sorry for the loss you and your family suffered this past week-words cannot express.... Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the memorial tribute to Heath-it was truly an honor. We will never forget.............. LMR-you are an outstanding group of people! The Van Blarcum Family Andy, Melissa, Amalia, Hannah & Rebekah
  6. June 27th

    Are the modifieds and limited modifieds on the schedule for this date? Your schedule on the website list the other classes, however, neither of the modified classes are showing to be racing that night. Thanks........
  7. Thank to Shady Oaks

    THANK YOU SOS!!!!! We love your facility. Your establishment, track, employees, fans and drivers have put the FUN back into racing. Once again, we are happy to call SOS our home track and can't wait for the next race. As always, a well run show, a fast track and great people to run with. A special thank you to LMR-a great group of guys (and gals) to be associated with.
  8. More Cars At Shady Oaks Speedway

    We have been to SOS twice this season. We will continue to return, making SOS our home track. It is a great facility, catering to the drivers and fans. The bathrooms are clean, the concession is reasonable and Jim really keeps the stands entertained. And lets not forget, the bus rides for the kids during intermission. They take the time to include everyone, making sure not to leave anyone out. A family oriented facility will continue to draw a good crowd and from what I can see, ya'll are filling the stands-more so than some of the other tracks around. As for tires on the sports mod, the #888 that won the heat race, by a fair margin, was running on the hoosier tires. What seems to be such an advantage? I think it is nice not to have to follow the leader and change tires due to severe wear after 1 night of racing. Keep up the excellent work Shady Oaks. It's a pleasure to call your track home!!
  9. Shady Oaks Speedway 5-23-09 Results

  10. Hey Steve, does the wife know she is walking?????????
  11. Driver's Survey

    As a regular attendee of I37 Raceway, and one in the past, it is safe to say that the track has come along way since being purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalez. For any of you posters that attend, you should be able to see the same thing. As for the track, "having their cake and eating it too", well if you care to look back in the thread regarding removing an open forum, the last post by Nick Holt gives one permission to post regardng the track, either in the main forum or the dirt forum. I don't believe that the track posted to get some BS started by those simply looking for something to complain about. That's why they shut it down to begin with. As for the driver profile, if you don't want fans to know about you, don't fill it out and if you don't care about the driver's 2.4 kids, don't read the driver profile--it seems pretty simple. JMO
  12. How did the queen's contest turn out?
  13. I-37 Raceway results 3/28/08

    I don't believe that anyone could have said it better......Thank You Rebelracewriter & 8G Racing Family!!!!!!! I think it's time to shut down this post before we end up with last week's drama again. All that is being proven is that even though you shut down the main forum doesn't mean that the complainers are going to stop complaining. All of the comments about pay cut don't amount to anything or change anything. I'll say it again--if you are looking to get rich racing, you're in the wrong place. Trust me, we know what it is like to go home with little or nothing. When the car breaks, most of the time you are SOL, but because we do it for fun, we'll be back, regardless of pay. Just race............... JMO

    BOTTOM LINE--If you are racing to get rich, you're in the wrong business. Racing, in most cases, is a losing proposition. BUT, if you are doing it because you like to, the money shouldn't matter. This really is a common sense thing. If your decision to do anything extracirricular is based on paying for fuel, then every aspect of your extra activities should be affected. I think because there is a site available where one can complain about fuel, it makes it easy to do so and make it look like it's a totally different issue-PAYOUTS. Trust me, I understand the frustration you all feel for not getting what you were expecting, however, the new owners have made it clear that they are new to this business and are learning as fast as they can. I can remember a time when previous owners had to pay based on car count and it wasn't always high dollar payouts. Give things a chance because we all know that if the track wasn't open, everyone would be bitchin' about that. Do it because you love it or don't do it at all--it's anyone's choice! JMO
  15. Great Night

    Congratulations Andy on your heat win and 3rd place feature finish. May you have good luck all season. Your #1 Fan Congratulations to all of the other top finishers in the other classes as well!! Some good racing going on in all classes. If last night is any indication of how I-37 is going to do, way to go on opening night! Lots of cars and lots of people. BTW...Congratulations also to Curt and Christina Clegg