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  1. According to their Facebook page, it's a sanctioned race for the Sport Mods. Must have an IMCA Southern Sport Mod license to race.
  2. CBS Tech

    It has been my pleasure.
  3. CBS Tech

    Nope, at least not for a while. We are moving out of state.
  4. CBS Tech

    As most already know, this weekend’s Show Down will be my last weekend as the Cotton Bowl Speedway Tech Man. It has been a privilege to be able to serve in this position for the past two years. I have met many good people and learned so much more about racing than I could have ever imagined. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me. I learned a little something from everybody, from the racers, to other Tech men, to the owners. Best of luck to everyone that has supported me and Cotton Bowl Speedway. Race on!! Wayne
  5. 2016 Showdown Information

    Thanks Nick !!
  6. 2016 Showdown Information

    I emailed them to Nick so that he can post them for me.
  7. 2016 Showdown Information

    As long as they fit into the CBS Eco Stock rules. Four cylinder, front wheel drive, 160 or less HP
  8. Sept 24

    We are racing tonight
  9. 2016 Showdown Information

  10. September 17

    We are racing tonight !
  11. 2016 Show Down Rules

    Sept 30 and Oct 1
  12. 2016 Show Down Rules

    All classes will follow either current track rules or current IMCA rules.No different than any normal race night. No licenses are required for this race. Modified drivers may compete in Sport Mods. ANY driver that races in two classes must purchase a pit pass for each class they will drive in. If driver A races a Mod and an I-stock, he/she must buy a pit pass for the Mod and another one for the I-stock The Southern Sport Mods will be allowed to run: H-500 non stamped tires 1-5/8" modified style headers. NO crossover, 180, or tri-y headers. Non stickered wheels MUFFLERS ARE REQUIRED. If you don't have mufflers, leave it on the trailer. Street Stocks will run Nesmith Street Stock rules. Late Models will use the South Texas Late Model Series rules.
  13. Sept 30?

    I will be posting the rules this evening. I don't have the format or payouts yet.
  14. Sept 30?

    We are still working out the details. Hope to get it posted soon.
  15. September 17

    Lol. Mother Natue hasn't been kind to racing this year.