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  1. Gate Prices for 2018

    When do you think they will post the class purse structure?
  2. Rules

    Was there; however, as I run a Limited I wasn't paying close attention when the topic was Street Stocks. I did hear mention of adopting the Ark-La-Tex rules. Would that be with reference to Street Stocks?
  3. News

    We're almost a week past the established 12/7 announcement date. Hopefully this delay isn't due to a snap in negotiations.
  4. Rumors about Cotton Bowl Speedway

    Listen here https://www.meridix.com/channel/?liveid=rpmradiotx#/ Start at the 1:26 point
  5. 2017 Banquet news coming soon.

    You know that is not the "news" many are anxiously waiting on...
  6. Okay, thanks Nathan. Wasn't aware of the proceedings.
  7. Still cleaning up.

    geknight, check your PMs please
  8. What has happened? I thought the track was doing well, relatively speaking for this part of the country.
  9. Reb, the top 3 showed pretty sporty times. I'm impressed
  10. The Blue and Yellow Flag

    I'm apparently in the minority as I can hear him fine But yes, put me down for using both the flag and the raceceiver
  11. Am logged into FB Still not working
  12. There is some truth in that, but I also don't place as much emphasis on it as others Why? Because you have a much larger population to draw from. You don't have to get 100% of the people, but you should be able to get a ?% of them, and fill the seats
  13. Trying to make my choice of final drive for my Limited, built motor. My options are either 5.73, 5.96, or 6.26 Anyone have any input or experience they could or would share on what RPMs these final drives might produce for a Limited Mod? Appreciate it
  14. Actually it's more like come on down (the CC doesn't stand for Corpus Christi) And it's too bad it's an almost 2 hour pull for me as what I've seen of y'all s approach and plans so far are attractive. Much more so than 3 tracks much closer much closer to me than Edna But it may just be worth the extra drive time