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  1. A good CTS Topic

    I enjoyed the big modified shootout when there was a variety of setups and tires not all on slicks. Watching Wayne Brooks if I remember right get third on treaded tires in that race. Also the last USA midget and Winston west race. Cars turning under 14 second laps and lots of methanol fumes.
  2. TPS Suspends 2017 Season

    Thanks to all a great group of people to race with and work with.
  3. CTS Update

    Hi tech you can come north and run Friday and Saturday nights with a lesser cam in your pony for 20 races I think I counted
  4. Just saw on news club type track going in near Westminster in Collin county,
  5. Lanny Edwards longtime promoter has passed away today, September 9, 2016
  6. It is the blue bug out of Houston now
  7. Racing....the good, the bad, the ugly

    Not going to mention any track names but a big track I grew up at runs 6-8 lap heats, B feature and 15 lap a features on normal night. It's not just time trials and all long features.
  8. They had a lot of cars at big open wheel show in March. Was a well run show. Nice facility but crowd wasn't big. Next couple of shows appeared the same from video clips
  9. tex race

    I enjoyed it was better there then on tv. Have to give credit to 42 and his rim riding very lucky not to become part of the walk
  10. not racing but go fast

    On Doctor pepper neighbor kids probably throwing sparklers off roof

    Yes they pickup speed on the grass back there
  12. Fryar picture

    That's what it said was on the old Sportsdrome speedway site track was in Grand Prarie