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  1. purse

    What if i told you that maybe you did it to yourself? Just some info for you to think about. I supported the E-Mod Class since its beginning up until 2 years ago I believe. I sporadically donated extra purse money to the class, and not always to the winner. In fact very rarely to the winner, it was normally done by a draw system. The track put numbers in a hat and a number was drawn, if they drew a 5, then fifth place got the extra money. Also money was donated to the purse at Goliad, you remember that race don't you? "The Inaugural E-Mod Demolition Derby". I believed in the E-Mod Class and supported that class more than anyone else, only to get sick and tired of all the Whining and Crying that seemed to come along with it. In fact i got so tired of it i pulled 2 of my own cars out of the class. The point I am trying to make here is this, if a person continually talks down about there local track and continually battles the progress that is trying to be made. Maybe they should look at some different avenues. Or maybe, just maybe, they could Step Up and reach into there own pocket and add some money to the purse. What if I as a sponsor decided that after reading all this negativity, that maybe I did not want to participate any more? I looked up and down the Sponsor List, I NEVER SAW YOUR NAME ON IT. Make a difference, Support your local track in a Positive way. Not a Negative way. Just a Thought........................................................ James Parks Pro Line Fabrication
  2. parts and rules

    What is the tire and wheel rule?
  3. STS Pure Stocks

    Are the bombers running as well?
  4. E Mod Spoiler Option for 2016

    Everyone is overlooking the obvious question here... "Which tire will make more tire smoke doing a burnout?"
  5. e mod purse pay out

    I would assume the winner would be a E Mod driver if they are entered in the E Mod Feature.
  6. Stolen yard karts

    Thanks to everyone that has been looking. We have not found them yet, its just a matter of time until they are found.
  7. Stolen go-carts in Corpus

    There is a $1000.00 Reward for information leading to the arrest and or return of these Karts and 4 wheeler..
  8. Stolen yard karts

    There is a $1000.00 Reward for information leading to the arrest and or return of these Karts and 4 wheeler..
  9. Stolen yard karts

    Thanks for getting this on the internet for me. As racers we always seem to be able to help one another. The thieves will be caught soon we hope.
  10. 2010 paint schemes

    Here you go, Big Chief Sport Modified.. James Parks
  11. ARCA RE/MAX Series Pocono ARCA 200, Pocono Raceway, Long Pond PA Official Starting Grid (Field set by Current Car Owner Points/Qualifying Rained Out) POS NO DRIVER/HOMETOWN TEAM & CAR 1 6 Justin Lofton/Westmorland CA Lofton Cattle Toyota 2 32 Matt Merrell/Portland TX ColinsHope.org Dodge 3 44 Frank Kimmel/Clarksville IN Ansell-Menards Ford 4 25 Joey Logano/Middletown CT Home Depot Toyota 5 11 Bryan Silas/Stuart FL Rockingham Speedway-Oasis Outsourcing Ford 6 77 Parker Kligerman/Westport CT Cunningham Motorsports Dodge 7 1 Tom Hessert/Cherry Hill NJ Classic Auto Group Ford 8 60 Patrick Sheltra/Indiantown FL Buffalo Wings & Rings Dodge 9 81 Craig Goess/Greenville NC Greenville Toyota of NC Toyota 10 2 Tim George Jr./New York NY Ruby Tuesday Toyota 11 03 Stephan McCurley/Humble TX Porter Glass-American Screen-Royal Purple Chevrolet 12 23 Jeremy Petty/Smolan KS Hixson Construction Chevrolet 13 16 Joey Coulter/Miami Springs FL Darrell Gwynn Foundation-Tempest Cycles Chevrolet 14 20 Steve Arpin/Fort Frances ON ESR Toyota 15 34 Darrell Basham/Henryville IN Anti Monkey Butt Powder Chevrolet 16 4 Chase Miller/Canton GA Landmark Dodge 17 36 Robb Brent/Shelby Township MI Orchard Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dodge 18 84 Todd Antrican/Lebanon OH Norm Benning Racing Chevrolet 19 26 Brad Smith/Shelby Township MI ApplianceZone.com Ford 20 48 James Hylton/Inman SC James Hylton Racing Ford 21 28 Brent Cross/Cortland NY Racing Against Cancer-Cummings Auto Machine Chevrolet 22 06 Barry Fitzgerald/Sykesville MD TheBusPlace.com Ford 23 29 Mikey Kile/Westlake LA Greased Lightning Products Chevrolet 24 90 Gabi DiCarlo/Phoenix AZ Great Clips Toyota 25 0 Zachary Gibson/Richwood OH Wayne Peterson Racing Ford 26 35 Tom Berte/New Berlin WI CGS Premier-Stay Tuned Customs Chevrolet 27 94 Jason Basham/Henryville IN Darrell Basham Racing Chevrolet 28 19 Alli Owens/Daytona Beach FL ElectrifyingCareers.com Toyota 29 14 Kevin Belmont/Langhorne PA KB Letterin'-Belmont Racing Ford 30 5 Bobby Gerhart/Lebanon PA Lucas Oil Chevrolet 31 10 Marc Easton/Saranac Lake NY Fast Track High Performance Driving School Chevrolet 32 7 Brian Kaltreider/Reading PA Independent Graphics Ford 33 43 Kyle Martel/Lebanon PA Hanover Cold Storage-Finish Line Transport Chevrolet 34 82 Sean Corr/Goshen NY The Trans Group Ford 35 04 Chase Mattioli/Long Pond PA Bobby Hamilton Jr. Racing Dodge 36 75 Chuck Walker/Stanley NC Bob Schacht Motorsports Ford 37 89 Chad Beahr/Mechanicsville VA Racing With Jesus Dodge Race Results Previous Winners and Poles ARCA RE/MAX SERIES HISTORY, POCONO RACEWAY YEAR RACE WINNER TIME/AVG SPEED POLE WINNER POLE SPEED 7-23-83 Quaker State 150 Bob Schacht 1:13:07/123.288 Bill Venturini 146.437 7-20-85 Fram/Autolite 150 Bob Schacht 1:17:53/115.567 Tom Meinburg N/A 7-19-86 All Star Challenge 150 Bobby Jacks 1:15:29/119.232 Dave Simko N/A 6-13-87 Champion Spark Plug 100 Bob Schacht :48:14/124.395 Bill Venturini N/A 7-18-87 ARCA Dash For Cash Bob Schacht :41:17/145.337 Jerry Churchill N/A 6-18-88 Champion Spark Plug 100 Lee Raymond :48:41/123.245 Lee Raymond 152.122 7-23-88 AC Spark Plug 100 Bob Keselowski :54:27/110.192 Bob Keselowski 151.149 6-17-89 NAPA-Champion SP 100 Bob Schacht :54:42/109.689 Ben Hess 154.197 7-22-89 AC Spark Plug 100 Bob Keselowski :54:54/109.289 Bob Schacht 154.560 6-16-90 Champion Spark Plug 150 Jimmy Horton 1:12:34/124.024 Bob Keselowski 156.315 7-21-90 AC Spark Plug 150 Jimmy Horton 1:27:05/103.349 Tracy Leslie 155.690 6-15-91 Champion Batteries 150 Bob Keselowski 1:13:35/122.310 Bob Keselowski 156.975 7-20-91 Miller Genuine Draft 150 Bob Keselowski 1:19:54/113.112 Roy Payne 156.337 6-13-92 Champion Battery 150 Ben Hess 1:17:09/116.656 Bob Keselowski 155.685 7-18-92 ServiStar 150 Bob Keselowski 1:19:50/112.735 Bob Keselowski 156.956 6-12-93 Champion Spark Plug 150 Bob Schacht 1:09:10/130.120 Jeff Purvis 156.315 7-17-93 Mt. Magic Jamboree 150 Tim Steele 1:14:41/120.508 Jeff Purvis 160.511 6-11-94 Pocono ARCA 150 Tim Steele 1:22:49/108.674 Tim Steele 158.437 7-16-94 Associates Financial 150 Jeff Purvis 1:16:20/117.904 Tim Steele 158.339 6-10-95 Equipment Supply 150 Mike Wallace 1:03:05/142.668 Mike Wallace 157.057 7-15-95 Syracuse Grand Prix 150 Mike Wallace 1:12:01/124.971 Mike Wallace 158.434 6-15-96 Syracuse Grand Prix 150 Mike Wallace 1:52:17/133.591 Randy McDonald 160.760 7-20-96 Pepsi 400k Tim Steele 2:08:49/116.445 Bob Hill 161.806 6-7-97 Mountain Dew 400k Tim Steele 1:56:45/128.480 Tim Steele 162.396 7-19-97 Pepsi 400k Tim Steele 1:52:52/132.900 Tim Steele 163.390 6-20-98 Mountain Dew 400k Tim Steele 2:06:24/118.671 Mike Ciochetti 163.845 7-25-98 Pepsi 400k Tim Steele 2:14:53/111.207 Tim Steele 163.209 6-19-99 Pocono ARCA 200 Frank Kimmel 1:39:24/120.724 NA NA 7-24-99 Pepsi ARCA 200 Blaise Alexander 1:47:33/111.576 Blaise Alexander 164.796 6-17-00 Pocono ARCA 200 Kerry Earnhardt 1:32:34/129.636 Tim Steele 167.380 7-22-00 Pepsi ARCA 200 Ryan Newman 1:53:42/105.541 David Keith 167.004 6-16-01 Pocono ARCA 200 Tim Steele 1:46:50/112.324 Stuart Kirby 169.329 7-28-01 Pepsi ARCA 200 Tim Steele 1:25:52/139.752 Stuart Kirby 166.880 6-8-02 Pocono ARCA 200 Damon Lusk 1:54:09/113.009 NA NA 7-27-02 Pepsi ARCA 200 Casey Atwood 1:41:18/118.460 Casey Atwood 154.981 7-25-03 ARCA Giant 200 Casey Mears 1:37:46/122.741 Casey Mears 169.802 7-26-03 Pennsylvania 200 Casey Mears 1:50:41/108.417 Kyle Busch 170.849 NTR 6-12-04 Pocono ARCA 200 Scott Riggs 1:25:29/140.378 NA NA 7-31-04 Giant 200 Ryan Hemphill 1:40:23/119.542 Ryan Hemphill 166.190 6-11-05 Pocono ARCA 200 Travis Kvapil 1:45:57/113.261 Travis Kvapil 166.257 7-23-05 Pennsylvania 200 Frank Kimmel 1:37:50/122.658 Joey Miller 165.935 6-10-06 Pocono 200 Chase Miller 2:16:43/96.550 David Stremme 163.660 7-22-06 Pennsylvania 200 Frank Kimmel 2:04:03/96.735 Frank Kimmel 165.004 6-9-07 Pocono 200 Chad McCumbee 1:52:31/106.651 Tim Andrews 164.829 8-4-07 Pennsylvania 200 Michael McDowell 2:14:46/89.043 Bobby Santos III 167.174 6-7-08 Pocono 200 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. 2:06:02/102.354 Scott Speed 167.094 8-2-08 Pennsylvania 200 Justin Allgaier 1:52:30/106.667 Scott Speed 165.789 TOP-5 FINISHERS YEAR WINNER 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH 1983 Bob Schacht Davey Allison Marvin Smith Bobby Jacks Bobby Dotter 1985 Bob Schacht Bosco Lowe Lee Raymond Bob Dotter Glenn Sears 1986 Bobby Jacks Bob Schacht Bob Brevak Dennis Metdepenningen Bob Dotter 1987 Bob Schacht Charlie Glotzbach Lee Raymond Kirk Bryant Bob Dotter 1987 Bob Schacht Charlie Glotzbach Grant Adcox Jerry Churchill Doug French 1988 Lee Raymond Bob Keselowski Bill Venturini Ben Hess Grant Adcox 1988 Bob Keselowski Lee Raymond Tracy Leslie Jimmy Horton Bill Venturini 1989 Bob Schacht Ben Hess Tracy Leslie Greg Trammell Brian Ross 1989 Bob Keselowski Greg Trammell Bob Schacht Ben Hess Bob Brevak 1990 Jimmy Horton Tracy Leslie Greg Trammell Chris Gehrke Bob Keselowski 1990 Jimmy Horton Charlie Glotzbach Greg Trammell Chris Gehrke Bob Brevak 1991 Bob Keselowski Ben Hess John Paul Jr. Bob Brevak Lee Raymond 1991 Bob Keselowski Dave Mader Bob Schacht Bobby Bowsher Bill Venturini 1992 Ben Hess Jeff McClure Tim Fedewa Charlie Glotzbach Frank Kimmel 1992 Bob Keselowski Clifford Allison Jeff McClure Tim Fedewa Ben Hess 1993 Bob Schacht Jimmy Horton Jerry O'Neil Loy Allen Jr. Bob Brevak 1993 Tim Steele Jeff Purvis Loy Allen Jr. Bob Strait Bill Venturini 1994 Tim Steele Jeff Purvis Bob Keselowski Dick Trickle Bobby Bowsher 1994 Jeff Purvis Dick Trickle Kerry Teague Bob Schacht Bobby Bowsher 1995 Mike Wallace Bob Schacht Tim Steele Mark Thompson Blaise Alexander 1995 Mike Wallace Tim Steele Bob Schacht Ed Berrier Andy Hillenburg 1996 Mike Wallace Tim Steele Ron Barfield Harris DeVane Bobby Gerhart 1996 Tim Steele Ron Barfield Ed Berrier Blaise Alexander Mark Thompson 1997 Tim Steele Ed Berrier Frank Kimmel Mike Ciochetti Jr Dave Blaney 1997 Tim Steele Frank Kimmel Blaise Alexander Mark Gibson Bobby Gerhart 1998 Tim Steele Frank Kimmel Kirk Shelmerdine Jeff Finley Bobby Hamilton Jr 1998 Tim Steele Mark Gibson Bill Baird Dwayne Leik Rich Woodland 1999 Frank Kimmel Matt Hutter Bill Baird Bob Schacht Mark Gibson 1999 Blaise Alexander Frank Kimmel Bill Baird Jeff Finley Mike Swaim Jr 2000 Kerry Earnhardt Mike Swaim Jr Dan Pardus Shawna Robinson Frank Kimmel 2000 Ryan Newman Kerry Earnhardt Frank Kimmel Tim Steele Mike Swaim Jr 2001 Tim Steele Josh Richeson Stuart Kirby Mike Swaim Jr Frank Kimmel 2001 Tim Steele Blaise Alexander Frank Kimmel Mike Swaim Jr Robert Burroughs 2002 Damon Lusk Jason Jarrett Rick Carelli Ron Cox Bobby Gerhart 2002 Casey Atwood Jason Jarrett Mario Gosselin Bobby Gerhart Shelby Howard 2003 Casey Mears Frank Kimmel Mark Gibson Andy Belmont Shelby Howard 2003 Casey Mears David Reutimann Frank Kimmel Mark Gibson Brent Sherman 2004 Scott Riggs Ken Schrader AJ Henriksen Billy Venturini Bobby Gerhart 2004 Ryan Hemphill Frank Kimmel Bobby Gerhart Brent Sherman TJ Bell 2005 Travis Kvapil Frank Kimmel Joey Miller Chad McCumbee Mike Guerity 2005 Frank Kimmel Chad McCumbee Erin Crocker David Ragan Ken Weaver 2006 Chase Miller Mario Gosselin Brent Sherman AJ Henriksen Bobby Gerhart 2006 Frank Kimmel Jeremy Clements Chad McCumbee Dexter Bean Chase Miller 2007 Chad McCumbee Dexter Bean Tim Andrews Jeremy Clements Mario Gosselin 2007 Michael McDowell Josh Wise Jeremy Clements Erin Crocker Marc Mitchell 2008 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. Scott Speed Tayler Malsam Bobby Gerhart Justin Allgaier 2008 Justin Allgaier Scott Speed Chase Miller Matt Carter Robb Brent Track Information Pocono Raceway As a companion event with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the ARCA RE/MAX Series returns to Pocono Raceway in 2009 twice on June 6 and August 1! poconoraceway.com Location: Long Pond, Pennsylvania Address: PO Box 500, Long Pond Rd., Long Pond, PA 18334-0500 Track Layout: 2.5-mile paved triangle, 6-18 degrees banking CEO: Dr. Joe Mattioli VP/Sales: Bob Pallo VP/Administration: Bob Pleban PR Contact: Bob Pleban Telephone: (570) 646-2300 Tickets: (800) RACEWAY First ARCA RE/MAX Series race: 1983 Total ARCA RE/MAX Series races run: 47 Qualifying record: Kyle Busch, 52.678 seconds, 170.849 mph, 2003 Race record: 142.668, Mike Wallace, 1995 # of races won from the pole: 16 Race Winners: Tim Steele 9, Bob Schacht 6, Bob Keselowski 5, Frank Kimmel 3, Mike Wallace 3, Jimmy Horton 2, Casey Mears 2. Tied with 1 each - Blaise Alexander, Justin Allgaier, Casey Atwood, Kerry Earnhardt, Ryan Hemphill, Ben Hess, Bobby Jacks, Travis Kvapil, Damon Lusk, Chad McCumbee, Michael McDowell, Chase Miller, Ryan Newman, Jeff Purvis, Lee Raymond, Scott Riggs, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.. Pole Winners: Tim Steele 6, Bob Keselowski 5, Stuart Kirby 2, Jeff Purvis 2, Scott Speed 2, Mike Wallace 2. Tied with 1 each - Blaise Alexander, Tim Andrews, Casey Atwood, Kyle Busch, Mike Ciochetti, Ryan Hemphill, Ben Hess, Bob Hill, David Keith, Frank Kimmel, Travis Kvapil, Tracy Leslie, Randy MacDonald,Casey Mears, Joey Miller, Roy Payne, Lee Raymond, Bobby Santos, III, Bob Schacht, David Stremme, Bill Venturini. Updated 2-27-09
  12. metric 200

    Will those trannsmissions work for Dirt track racing? If so, what needs to be done if anything?
  13. The Texas Dwarf Cars no longer exist. They operate under a different name.
  14. HEY OWEN

    Over 50 group should race Lawnmowers
  15. any results from races on 3-08-08 ?