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  1. All the information for Street Stocks and all the other classes can be found here: 2012 Halloween Havoc INFO.
  2. Fall Classic

    Here you go thumper: 2012 Fall Classic
  3. Any of you have a street rod? Bring it out to TWS and race against your friends on their pit road. Street cars from all around are coming out and racing against their friends just for kicks. Here is a video of 1 of the races that had a Corvette going against a Trans Am....They raced several times with both cars winning different races. I'll be taking my '68 Chevelle in 2 weeks when they do this again: TWS Street race
  4. The wait is finally over, Mike Martin and Chris McDonald have acquired 105 Speedway and plan to open the first race will be on June 30, 2012. We have a lot of work ahead of us to reach this goal. With everyone’s patience we will run a racetrack for racers by racers. Please join us on Sunday, May 6 from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm. for an open house and have a look around at The Legend 105 Motorsports Park. There will be a short question and answer session at 3:00 pm. Website coming soon! We will be updating thru this forum until then. *******Copied from another furum*********
  5. 105 Speedway

    That's an understatement!!...lol
  6. Who came up with the Limited Modified race car? Where was the first one built? I figured someone here may actually know ..
  7. In case anyone is interested in buying a Sprint car for the 305 class, I will sell mine as a roller with spare parts and trailer. All you will need is a motor and RACE... All the pictures I have are too big for posting a pic but just click on my Tommy Garcia Racing page link on my signature and 1 is posted there
  8. Considering that.....(Sprint Car)

    Will be listed online for 5500.00 with trailer....Let me know
  9. Considering that.....(Sprint Car)

    Older Schnee Chassis. I've had it since 2005 and it's only been in 5 races. Car is complete and I do have an extra radiator,a few extra parts, tires and wheels. The trailer can go with it as well....I am asking for 7500.00 obo for everything as a roller.
  10. Considering that.....(Sprint Car)

    Well, what do you know....It did post..
  11. Origins of today's Limited Modified

    Thanks everyone. Now I know for sure.
  12. Origins of today's Limited Modified

    That's what I thought. Heard it was Jody and another guy named Patrick villamese(sp)
  13. 2012

    cool 324, thanks
  14. Sprint cars

    Just came from there...Ground is way too wet to do anything.
  15. Sprint cars

    He won't regret it....
  16. Sprint cars

    Ill even build me a 305 for my sprint to race here if you make it happen
  17. What would I do

    I recommended attending to RPM Promoters conference next month in Reno. I attended in 2006 and learned that although I thought I knew a lot about the daily opertions of a race track, i really only had a small amount of what it really takes. I learned more in those 3 full days of sessions than I ever thought. Good luck to all.
  18. How did the meeting turn out?

    5 closest tracks to Bryan Gator.... 10" H.O.T.... 10" Killeen... 8" Lufkin.... 10" Battlegrouonds...10" also I hear 105 is also set to re-open next year...10" So as far as streets on 8" wheels being 99%, I say it's just the opposite for the area in which this track is located. When the Street Stocks come out onto the track fans know what class they are. They know that the big tires and open hoods mean Street Stock! Why would you want the Street Stocks to look like a Pure stock? I know that Pures can't have open hoods but to the everyday race fan they won't really know to look for that if both run a scoop like mine. This track should have the majority of race fans new to the sport. Anyhow, I have spoken peace and I really hope things go great for Cotton Bowl Speedway. I work in the oilfield and since Giddings has lots of our vendors based in that area, who knows? I may just get the right sponsorship to get what I need without digging into my own pocket.
  19. How did the meeting turn out?

    For me it's ONLY wheels. Now since you want to start this I'll ask you a couple of questions: 1) What does this track have to offer a racer that we can't get anywhere else? 2) Why should we, as racers, go out and spend a significant amount of money just to race here and ONLY HERE? (I say only here due to the gear change that this track will require)
  20. How did the meeting turn out?

    Well said Sir I don't understand how in the world someone can call a difference of opinion "crying". I also seem to recall the Promoter of the track asking us racers to get on facebook and Lone Star Speedzone to express our thought as he was reading them. But if we're not supposed to do that just because our opinions contridict the people involved with the track then I don't know how else to communicate with the track. I was asked earlier if I had contacted the tech man regarding my questions or issues and the answer is YES. 3 days ago I asked if the rules that were on their website were final and still have not received a response. So, I'll just have to assume that the rules are indeed final and move on... AGAIN! Good luck to Cotton Bowl Speedway and their racers..... <----- THAT'S NOT BASHING!!!
  21. How did the meeting turn out?

    Wheels, tires, gears. If I did buy all that then I will only be able to race here. I don't think that it is reasonable for you to think that I should be excited about the added expense for us just to race at just 1 track. I'm certain that this track will be the happening place for Bastrop and Lee County. I do plan on going as a spectator to see you race AJ. Good luck to you and all involved with this venture.
  22. How did the meeting turn out?

    I hope that no one thinks I'm "BASHING" this new track by my posts. Although I don't see me racing there I'm still excited about the notion of a PREMIER race facility such as what was described at the ceremony. I wish that decisions regarding my specific class had not already been made so that I may have had the opportunity to give my thoughts and opinions but I respect their ambition in trying to lay out what they can as quickly as possible. Good Luck to Cotton Bowl Speedway and all of their Year 1 racers.
  23. How did the meeting turn out?

    around 60 miles or so...I don't get why you think that Kyle is the market they are after.