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  1. Sutherland Springs - Kris Workman

    The goal set has been almost doubled Nick. Keep on sending because Kris and his family are going to need it. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!
  2. C.C.Speedway clean up?

    Been holding off selling everything myself, Fingers Crossed!
  3. Rest In Peace Rick Rapp

    Rick was a great racer and long time friend. I loved watching him race, not only a clean driving racer, but a very personable guy when you got a chance to talk to him. Rest-In-Peace Rick!!
  4. question on super street.

    Check your messages Sam!
  5. Engine storage

    I'll second what Hitech is saying, but use the Lucas Oil Additive. It has a higher adhesion and it recommended by my local machine shop. Cheers, Dennis
  6. Nick, I hate the VA. Even after my final appointment before I was discharged I was already hating the way they do business. I feel your pain! But at least you got to put your thoughts together for a good thing!! Cheers, Dennis
  7. We see this at my shop at least a couple of times a month. Put some heat on it, and use a slide hammer strapped to your puller. Get it good and red with the rosebud, and then snatch it off with the slide hammer.
  8. New engine break in?

    According to the guy that does the machine work on all my engine builds, use 2000 rpm's and run continuous for 45 minutes. Ensure that you are using an oil that is high in ZYNC and recommended for break in's. I always use the Joe Gibbs Break-in Oil. Upon completion of your break-in you can use that break in oil for one night of hot laps/racing then change it. Using this process, I have done numerous engines and haven't lost one yet. ****** IMPORTANT NOTE ****** When you assemble your engine, I would recommend using the LUCAS OIL STABLIZER on all parts that will have a rotating surface. This stuff is really sticky and won't muk up your oil like White Lithium does. Cheers, Dennis
  9. SOS Halloween Havoc

    A friend of mine is wanting to run the Havoc in his LLM, but he is in need of a loaner/rental 650 gear for a Ford 9" if anyone has one they don't plan on using! Send me a PM, or call me! Thanks, Dennis (361)249-3294 Talk or Text
  10. Rusty Ray's mom, Rest in Peace

    My they have eternal peace and happiness Rusty. So sorry to hear about your loss!!
  11. Bomber heat race #1 8/23/14

    Okay, since the cage was in Greg Jr.'s car when I got it, he deserves some of the credit for donating it to the build. The cage was passed down to the Carlucci's many years ago by Nicky Hardcastle. When I first started building the car, Greg Sr. offered it to me and I took him up on it. Well built cage but it wouldn't exactly fit in the Cutlas. Had to cut it in half and then seam it together. I just followed some of the design's on some of the other Outlaw Cars to make a tough built car. Wasn't concerned to much about the weight, just about the safety of the driver (my sisters only child). But the offer still stands, if you need a well built bumper or help on a cage, I'll help you out. Cheers, Dennis
  12. For those of you in the Corpus Christi area and surrounding areas that knew Bob Gavlik, he has passed away. He passed away Friday surrounded by family and friends as a result of an earlier accident. I'm posting this link for his service. Visitation will be tomorrow at 10:00, followed by a Rosary at 10:30 at St.Philip the Apostle Catholic Church with a Funeral Mass following at 11:00. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Gavlik Family and Friends. Bob was a great friend and could always be counted on for a good laugh! Rest-In-Peace Bob, and may our lord welcome you through the golden gates with open arms. I've enclosed the link for our friends to read. http://www.obits.caller.com/index.cfm?useaction=viewobit&ID=85539
  13. Bomber heat race #1 8/23/14

    Ivan, I'll build you a bumper that will hold it's own if you go buy the steel~!
  14. Bomber heat race #1 8/23/14

    That cage was Billy Hardcastle's cage, and I couldn't think of a better way to honor his legacy, but to fortify a car around it! Yee Haa