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  1. Who is this?

    Kind of looks like Ross "the intern" from the Tonight Show.
  2. Jaime has asked myself to post this statement on his behalf. " I would personally like to thank Mr Neil Upchurch and all Tps members who have prayed, sent their condolences, and have sent sympathy cards after the recent passing of my mother. I wish you all well and safe driving." Jaime Garner
  3. Is Rick even running the track at all?

    WOW $350 seems like a alot. Geez, how much does that come out hourly? Isnt't it normally around 20-25 an hr?
  5. You are thinking of the San Antonio Toros, a semi-pro football team that was active from 1967 to about 1976 or 77. Yes, exactly, i remember seeing some of there games when i was little
  6. Wasn't there a semi-pro football team with that name years back?
  7. THR Update for 8/18/07

    Is the track still open today/tonight for practice?
  8. J & S

    Let's no forget the promised the unpaid sponsership towards the TPS.
  9. Jamie Garner

    Just to let all of you know, the funeral services were already done this afternoon. Jaime told myself that he would like express his deepest thanks to all that prayed and sent their condolences to him in this time of his loss.
  10. CC Racers

    Jaime was in a borrowed car? In the 2nd pic (roll over start) it looks his usual #33 bug, along with what looks like one of his other bugs (blue) that hit you, that was prob driven by darrell jones.
  11. Sergio Hexsel wins TPS

    Actually, Mike your being way too generous in taking the blame. Don't forget, it takes two to tangle. I believe you had the line during your incident. Possibly, some drivers might learn the art of give and take and maybe watch a few of the other classes race and figure out that there are other lines on the track to pass someone. And also don't forget, the #85 spun out a couple more times after your incident with him and i can betcha the other car involved with him isn't gonna take any blame/responsibility for it.
  12. Checks from 8-4

    True, but I don't think that most of them even got their gas card either.
  13. Sergio Hexsel wins TPS

    Don't think there was anything wrong with his car. It was probably all those darn VW's that kept getting in his way/line.
  14. Live updates from THR - 8/11/07

    Hey Randy, rest assured, your air-cooled VW's drove well and put on a great show. That #55 was competing and putting that car in the corners like it needed.
  15. Statement on August 4 Driver Checks

    http://txsz.com/forums/index.php?showtopic...mp;#entry135519 First, they were mailed out tuesday? Now you say that they weren't mailed out until thursday morning? Did someone really assume that these checks would actually be received by saturday? And what about the touring series/out-of-towners? What kind of time frame should they usually expect to receive their pay after a race?