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  1. purse

    I would say this needs to move to another forum, there are a lot of tracks for lease, and a lot of cars in the weeds, or in the garage on jack stands.
  2. Go Kart Racing Information

    Check out www.mwrs.net www.kamkartway.com https://www.facebook.com/Hotkartway/ south texas speedway does karts, cottonbowl speedway has a small program also. Most all the dirt kart racing is Waco and above, there are a few out West Tumbleweed Speedway, and East there is I20 Speedway. just a few, depends on where our at? Want to do dirt or asphalt?
  3. I.M.C.A. point system

    Surely, there has to be a reason to run heat races. If not draw a number at the gate, run the races. Then crack open the cooler and start telling lies.
  4. Buddy Baker

    Memories, has a good reason why I rarely watch a NASCAR race. Miss the good'ol boy comments, instead of the scripted/FCC stuff.
  5. July 4th update

    I'll bring 3 or 4 karts, to a kart only, day, evening.
  6. July 4th race

    Here is an option, from Kelly... Brother man I know this is last minute but I thought I would give you a heads up Corpus is letting the Late Models run tomorrow night...Ken is putting up $100.00 per car that shows and Kody is seeing what he can do purse wise to help...We are gonna go to get Kody some more seat time and just to hang out and make some laps...Thought I'd let you know man, if y'all can't make it have a good 4th...
  7. SUPR Late model motor

    Gary, has great equipment, 2nd what Monty said.
  8. Go karts

    Thanks Andy, had to be a blind man not to see it coming. . . as I posted elsewhere, I advised anyone looking into karts that contacted me to confirm if they would run them next year.
  9. Canoe Races

    Ill use Cameron's SUP CR500, ahh Hell !!!!!! Someone will probably whine about the open motor. LOL, just a joke.... Andy, Charlie might get it ?
  10. Halloween Havoc Late Model payout

    Next topic, what can be done to increase all participation?
  11. Halloween Havoc Late Model payout

    Several races last year LateMods had the higher car count then the other classes. That includes Lim Mod, Pures, Street Stocks. I don't see any classes just busting at the seams with car count, pures and LimMod are average. Mods avg. 6? Dwarfs 6? SS 5-9 some nights more others not enough? Who paid 25k for a latemodel motor? Damn should have asked somebody.... One we have was bought in the 4digit numbers not 5 digit. I built/rebuilt Jesse's motor, I also weighed it, as well as ours. You would be surprised....Hray! Back then, we had more in the "sportsman" engines than the Aluminum one we have now. Also don't have to run its tounge out, much lower RPM. Your right, not valid comparison, one built from scratch, and another bought off the used market. Wake up, 20 yrs ago the purse was basically no different in ALL classes not just latemodels. Cost to get in the gate has gone up, along came registration fee, used to be car and driver, now its car+driver. The tracks keep increasing cost to cover their cost, but who really puts the show on? It takes both parties.... Most can not afford to pay gas money, entry fee, pit passes, registration, concessions, etc... and loose money every night even when they win. Not good business sense on both ends. We do it because we enjoy it, but it cant go on forever, Right?? We have done the Crate/Built motor, we were the only one to run a crate. Then they wanted to step up, then up, so here we are. I am in no way just pointing at SOS, its going on in a lot of places, way I see it, successful tracks will recognize who is buttering their bread, and return the favor. BTW, we have been outrun, Chris Holley, Ricky Begnaud(in a crate), Steve W Jr., Robbie Starnes, GW Hessong have all out ran us, just keeps us all in check. It can be done, do your shopwork, and work hard.
  12. Halloween Havoc Late Model payout

    In 1993 our first year racing at SOS the purse was $400 to win bumped from $300 late 1992, $20 car and driver, No registration fee, no minimum car count only 3 classes total. Bomber, Pure Stock and Super Sportsman. We still have 2 of the original sportsman motors from back then in some form, or fashion and they dang sure wernt cheap, but they are still useable. If you wanted to run with Todd Lee, Shane Hoefling, Billy White, Eddy Hardage, Jerry Edwards, George Pullin,, Eddy Ross, Whitekar Sr., Mikulencak, Hardcastle, list goes on and on, you better have your stuff together. Last time I checked Aluminum, does not make HP. Its cubic inches and cylinder head / AIR FLOW! Then comes the nut behind the wheel. We have done the crate LM deal 3yrs, give/take at HRP, best damn racing, most economical, it just needed the technical side enforced to make everyone feel they wernt being cheated. that's where the wheels fell off. Hind sight is 20/20 most of that can be avoided today with proper structure. I probably should have not posted but, the original topic was the purse. I have my opinion of the whole racing demographics, but it wont change. Kody I'm sure your Dad remembers the good'ol days.