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  1. limited modified gear?

    6.20 is about the norm as Eric indicated.
  2. rear disc brakes on pure stock

    That would be a good question for interpretation of rules. Rules state - NO after market racing brake parts allowed. Most tracks allow/require rear disc brakes for safety purposes..... I guess the caveat would be if tech would consider the caliper bracket "aftermarket"? Even in the sportmod world, the disc brake components are OEM pieces, that can be easily purchased at Autozone or similar outlets. Nothing aftermarket about a 10.00 caliper and a 24.00 rotor.
  3. Please continue to visit the RGS section here on LSSZ. We are in the early stages of talking with a possible promotor to step up to plate. Its early, but lets all show our support to reopening RGS and keeping it alive!
  4. Just to confirm, RGS IS RACING TONIGHT!
  5. December 8th racing

    Joker, at this point, I have no idea on how many dwarf cars that are coming. This all started with a few coming down to hot lap, maybe some type of a expo race. IF there were eneough cars (hoping for at least 6) we were going to see about making it a race and blending yall into the schedule. Regardless, we will give ya as much track time as we can so the fans can see your cars run. Thats is all I got for ya at this point!
  6. Roll call for the dwarfs

    Hopefully the Riddler and CatWoman are coming too!
  7. Roll call for the dwarfs

    Dang outlaw, you did scare them off, but what ya expect with a handle like "outlaw"? Maybe you should change your handle to like Fluffyor Carebear, then they wouldnt be so skerred of you! Just joking with ya'll. Bring them dwarfs down on the 8th and lets have some fun!
  8. Results from 11/10/2012 Pure Stock Heat Race 91 Jared Maupin 29 Nathan Mullen 08 Roger Arbogast 31 Bryan Hoke 9 Jonathan Morgan 3 Terry Meeks Feature Race 91 Jared Maupin 3 Terry Meeks 29 Nathan Mullen 08 Roger Arbogast 9 Jonathan Morgan 31 Bryan Hoke Thunders Heat Race 21 Abel Solis 4 Devin Gonzalez 98 Cody Schach 31 Bryan Hoke 95 David Jensen Feature 21 Abel Solis 98 Cody Schach 4 Devin Gonzalez 31 Bryan Hoke 95 David Jensen (DNS) Limited Modified Heat 87 Adam Schach 48 Max Calles 12 Roly Rodriquez 80 Terry Tabor J1 Jim Heatherly 11 Tony Alaniz Jr 22 Johnny Johnson Feature 87 Adam Schac 80 Terry Tabor 12 Roly Rodriquez 22 Johnny Johnson 48 Max Calles J1 Jim Heatherly 11 Tony Alaniz Jr
  9. Outlaw, neck restraint devices are not required, but recommended!
  10. That would be awesome. If you could get 5-6, we will see about digging up a little $ and make it a real race for ya!
  11. nationals

    We do have intentions of putting on large shows as we have in the past, but its just not in the cards for 2012. With so many changes going on, we need to get everything mapped out. When we do get something lined up, there will be plenty of advance notice, and lots of advertising, regarldess if its coneventional or social media, the word will be out. SO, please be patient and stay tuned...... Great things are coming!
  12. Outlaw, by all means, bring that badboy down and we will give you every opporutnity to hotlap it as much as possible! Feel free to give me a call @ 956 212 1723 (Eddie Tabor, director of competition)
  13. Rio Grande Speedway will be open for a playday on Sunday, November 11, 2012 from 1:00 pm till dark. No concessions will be open, so bring your ice-chests, bar-b-que pits, music etc.
  14. Rio Grande Speedway will be open for a playday on Sunday, November 11, 2012 from 1:00 pm till dark. No concessions will be open, so bring your ice-chests, bar-b-que pits, music etc. 20.00 car and driver 10.00 per person
  15. RGS Points as of 10-29-2012 Position, Driver Name, Car #, Total Points Pure Stock Total Points 1st Nathan Mullen 29 502 2nd Jared Maupin 91 428 3rd Bryan Hoke 31 390 4th Tim Heatherly 4 381 5th Chris Brandt 93 301 6th Roger Arbogast 08 262 7th Terry Meeks 3 259 8th AJ Solis 21 178 9th Alan Sweeten 18 98 10th Ricky Long 9 96 11th Casey Garbin 51 76 12th Roy Long 2 56 13th Scott Vanderpool 48 32 14th Johnny Johnson 93 32 15th Melanie Brandt 93 21 THUNDERS 1st Able Solis 21 420 2nd Bryan Hoke 31 387 3rd Cody Schach 98 360 4th Cameron Voelshow 78 353 5th David Sheffield 14 319 6th Kevin Schach 22 247 7th Randall Korht 22 232 8th Gene Schach 98 105 9th Michael Burbach 32 84 10th Devin Gonzalez 4 64 11th AJ Solis 21 62 12th Daekin Gonzalez 6 60 13th GB Carter 77 40 14th 19 28 15th 66 24 16th Mark Lawing 00 22 17th David Jensen 95 20 18th 9 18 19th 68 18 Limited Modified 1st Adam Schach 7 603 2nd Rolly Rodriguez 12r 578 3rd Max Calles 48 417 4th Jamie Schach 87 364 5th Mike Gay 23 324 6th Jim Heatherly J1 314 7th Johnny Johnson 13 244 8th Chris Brandt 33 212 9th Zepeda 33z 155 10th Tony Alaniz 11 150 11th Larry Sbrush 17 146 12th Bobby Smith 9s 142 13th Terry Tabor 80 98 14th Art Rodriguez 22 94 15th Larry Jernigan 18 94 16th Chris Carroll 17 90 17th Laurance Mikulencak 187 78 18th Jensen Pray 30 76 19th Robert Boyd 2 74 20th Ricky Long A11 51 21st James Droddy 13 51 22nd Roy Long 2 35 23rd Tyson Franks F1 26 24th Tim Heatherly J1 24 25th 563 24 26th 47 16 27th Alan Sweeten 33 12
  16. Pure Stocks Heat Race 1st-3 Terry Meeks 2nd –Nathan Mullen 3rd- Jared Maupin 4th-Tim Heatherly 5th-31 Bryan Hoke 6th-9 Main 1st-3 Terry Meeks 2nd-29 Nathan Mullen 3rd-91 Jared Maupin 4th-31 Bryan Hoke 5th-4 Tim Heatherly 6th-9 Thunders Heat Race 1st-21 Abel Solis 2nd-98 Cody Schach 3rd-31 Bryan Hoke 4th-4-Devin Gonzalez 5th-00 Mark Lawing 6th- David Jensen Main 1st-21 Abel Solis 2nd-31 Bryan Hoke 3rd-4 Devin Gonzalez 4th- 98 Cody Schach 5th-00 Mark Lawing 6th-95 David Jensen Limited Modified Heat Race 1st-48 Max Calles 2nd-07 Adam Schach 3rd-12 Roly Rodriguez 4th-J1 Jim Heatherly 5th-80 Terry Tabor 6th-22 Art Rodriquez 7th-33z Johnny Johnson Main 1st-Max Calles 2nd-07 Adam Schach 3rd-12R Roly Rodriquez 4th- J1 Jim Heatherly 5th-80 Terry Tabor 6th- 22 Art Rodriquez 7th-33z Zepeda
  17. Weather is looking good! Racing starts at 8:00 Thunders/Sport Compacts, PureStocks, and Limited Modifieds!
  18. Enjoyed having you down, come on back soon!
  19. Just a reminder. As many tracks are wrapping up their successful and exciting 2012 season, Rio Grande Speedway will be running all the way to Dec 22, 2012. So if you are still needing to fill that need for speed, come on down! Remaing schedule is: October 27th - All classes racing - Live Music (Band TBA) November 10th - All classes racing - Live Music (Band TBA) Novemeber 24th - All classes racing - Live Music (Band TBA) - Happy Thanksgiving!!! December 8th - All classes racing - Live Music (Band TBA) December 22nd - All classes racing - Live Music (Band TBA) - Happy Holidays!!! Sincerely, Eddie Tabor Director of Competition
  20. Hopefully we can put something together in the near future to make an event like this happen. Stay Tuned.
  21. We are trying FF911. No band scheduled so far, can you play a guitar or sing?
  22. Holley 4412

    Yikes, my bad for not referring to Dr Dan as well!
  23. Drew, Sorry, no Limited (or unlimited for that matter) late models at this time..
  24. Fantastic, looking forward to having ya down, bring some friends!