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  1. We are not running as a series because of the tracks closings in the Houston area some of the regulars that ran with the Lonestar Street stock's have gotten together and have decided to travel around and race different tracks.we are planning to start off with HOT first weekend of March then gtrp for their opening night so if there is anyone wanting to travel around with us give us a shout
  2. Ok South Texas street stock's the Lonestar Street stock's will be at south Texas Speedway Saturday night we are looking to add too the car count it will be a fun and exciting night of racing
  3. Ok South Texas street stock's the pot has been sweeten , William Arnold will give $45 to the longest pull from South Texas and the series will give 5 gallons of race fuel to the longest pull, battleground speedway Saturday night racing starting at 7
  4. We have 3 more races around Houston before we head south,we would like to see some of the street stock's from South Texas to show up to support our series. We would like to meet and get to know everyone who will be racing with us