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  1. I have a brand new one piece large racing suit with matching neck brace and gloves. Brand Finish Line for sale $125 cash send email to: James@worldstaffing.com
  2. Pure stock ... SOLD!

    Can you send me some more photos James@worldstaffing.com Let's talk
  3. okay no problem I was just trying to be helpful. I have raced cars for over 22 years however I have been doing sales for over 30 years I was just sharing what people who I've come in contact with buy on looks and yes the engine is very important and so is the drive train I agree 100%. however first impression is what motivates a potential buyer in the first 10 seconds and I have sold probably over 30 cars between RacingJunk, Craigslist and a few other Speedway classifieds just trying to be helpful in any way to a fellow racer I have also sold Lexus Infiniti Toyota Dodge I do know marketing and advertising better than I know how to race cars lol I've currently have a factory stock. I wish the seller the best of luck in every way possible to get what he wants and ask for. it was just a suggestion Happy New Year and God bless
  4. It needs a different paint scheme also I would paint the interior and the rollbar cage in engine compartment just a suggestion to help better sell it for that price also I don't believe the tires meet the local track specs FYI
  5. Can you send more pics to James@worldstaffing.com What gears in the rear end
  6. Can you send me some info on your car I have a nice 74 Chevy Nova classic 70% built with a 383 stroker engine just needs a little more working it'll be a sweet$20,000 ride James@worldstaffing.com info
  7. Wanted used F 45 tires

    Delete post pleasedelete post please
  8. Someone tell me how I delete the post I have the tires
  9. Wanted used F 45 tires

    Someone tell me how I delete the post I have the tires