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  1. Great Track to race

    Although a bit of a haul for me I try to make it out here as often as i can. Great Promoters there doing things for the drivers....trying to keep it fun.
  2. CTS Update

    Any new news?
  3. Arob has a good point alternating weekends. I know we were there late every night we went. Makes for a long drive home when you pull out at 2am. I also think racers getting two races heats and features does more for them. Not just practice. But competing for your starting spot. Maybe run alternating clases week one and two. One week off then up the payday a little for the last week and and alternate rotation every month so one month two weeks off one month one week off
  4. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    #17 grand stock 2016 one race. New car #01 grand stock planned on running full season 2017..jon grobe