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  1. Apologies to all. That post was placed by my "jobless" teenager whom isn't racing do to other personal matters. He has been allowed my password to view this site but should have never posted his one sided opinion. Personal conversations with others in the racing community may have generated his uneducated and thoughtless opinion. I only wish the best to those working to make any track work. Personally been involved in racing of some sort for over 35 years. And definitely not for the money. But for the competition and commaradity. Best to all. This will not happen again!
  2. Yeah. Our 3 cars will stay home for this one. Looks like the same top finishers for each class will be taking home a nice check at the expense of the rest of those that hardly ever get a chance to finish in the top 3-5. Tech Tech Tech!
  3. 2016 rule addition

  4. 2016 rule addition

    In section #2 of the rules it gives reference to the vehicles appearance. Is this a rule that will soon be enforced? There are cars running in the class that look like modified bodies with a plastic nose. Seems this could be addressed along with the new rear % rule. Street Stocks have always been a OEM roof and fender class. Looks like only a few running took the time to install a more conforming body during the limited to Street Stock conversion. Thinking of doing my own conversion for next year and would hate to be the first that is "closely scrutinized"