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  1. Lol i hear yeah. See yeah Saturday
  2. Gordos in rockport might be able to
  3. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Yeah fast asphalt track. They raced asphalt sprint cars on it one year 117 before the turn. Yeah Australia sprint car drivers are nuts. Luckily i was able to see them while i was there
  4. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Paposse watermelon is in Cordele, Ga. Atleast thats what they called it back in 02-03. Fuji had the Gt3 cars there i believe have to look again. Australia had the sprints and bomber type cars.
  5. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Cc Speesway SAS Longhorn Speedway South Texas Speedway Rio Grande Speedway TWS Bristol Talladega Atlanta Motor speedway Watermelon speedway Richmond Dixie speedway Watkins Glen COTA Edinburg Dragway San Antonio dragway Albany dragway Langley speedway Dothan dragway Martinsville HOT Shady oaks speedway Dover Baytown Japan Fuji speedway Australia Rock Hampton speedway
  6. Weather

    Facebook page says they are racing tonight
  7. Weather

    How we looking for tonight
  8. Starting to see improvements

    Bigger, badder and faster racer
  9. If you haven't been by it lately you might want to. Looks like concrete being laid down in the pits when i drove by last weekend. All i can say is this track is gonna make a comeback and a big one at that.
  10. Winners from last nights races?

    Defiently the best race of the year so far
  11. 0h wow

    Just glad the drivers are ok. Racecars can be fixed. But that lead pack was putting on a helluva show till the wreak happened
  12. Yes, We are Racing May 20th!

    Thank you
  13. Yes, We are Racing May 20th!

    Anyone posting results
  14. Lets have some fun

    Texas world speedway North wilkesboro Cc speedway SAS Langley speedway