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  1. They put on a very good show, and the people that run the place are there as much for the fans as they are the racers.
  2. Awesome racing

    The reopening of i37 speedway was action packed. I brought 5 people with me to the track and we had an amazing time. The stands and pits were packed unlike I've ever seen before out there. The racing was very good. Also, there wasn't any sitting around and waiting for the next race to start. It was nice seeing and listening to Milton announce the races. Lots of family and friendly faces. I'd say overall it was a success and I sure won't miss any races at this track. So happy its reopened and glad that a racer has a big hand in the success of this venue of dirt track racing.
  3. New Braunfels Church Bus Crash

    Oh no, prayers sent.
  4. Two drivers lost over the weekend

    Prayers for both families.
  5. Work at I-37

    Its looking really good. I wished my hands weren't so full with work or I'd be right there with you helping because, I can't wait to make laps or help other racers.
  6. Rumours in the air

    I believe the Front Runner class at i-37 is a four cylinder class
  7. Limited Late Models

    Bottom line is, we have a place to race. I've seen some very good racing out here, let's go support our track and drivers.
  8. Eco Stocks

    Was it the lack of participation last year? Right now there is a track closed as of now that had a really healthy class of cars.
  9. I'm a believer, something will come up. Stay positive.
  10. I've learned that leaving a suggestion in question form usually only gets answered back as a question. Just saying.
  11. let's reopen this track

    Please can somebody give information on why this track has not been reopened? If so, what can be done to reopen it?
  12. Pure stock rules 2017?

    I just need a set of 2017 Pure Stock rules. I live in Garden Ridge and will probably not make any rule meetings. Need this so I can start on car for next season. Thanks in advance.
  13. let's reopen this track

    OK thank you, that makes sense. I've been wondering what all it needed. Apparently it needs some work. Well all we can do is hope and pray that this place opens back up. Thank you Joe.
  14. Wet Stuff

    Please keep us informed on the activities both today and tomorrow as quite a bit is headed our way now. Thanks in advance.
  15. CTS hourly schedule 11/12

    Wow, OK I'll have to say you do sir lol
  16. CTS hourly schedule 11/12

    I'm bringing my coffee pot
  17. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Thank you princessmarcia
  18. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Can someone please help me with finding the rules for the pure stock class. TYIA
  19. weather

    40% day and night
  20. This weekend

    Well dang
  21. 2016 Labor Day Weekend South Texas Nationals

    How do we win tickets?
  22. Nvm forgot mine doesn't work
  23. I've got one you can use as long as you give it back that night.
  24. Not sure about the timing on the schedule, but I'm extremely thankful to have a place to race and thankful for all that you do for us