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  1. STS Emod Final

    2500lb 6k chip STS what final are these dudes running? I ran 6850 with a 6.90 in a 3200 lb purestock years ago. Track was a little different then. I’m just curious about how it translates to emod. Thanks Darenger Nesloney
  2. Predator stock/pro gear

    Anyone pro/stock preds willing to divulge their gearing? 12-66?
  3. friday night madness

    Whatever L87 is doing caught our attention! We were some of those L87 "first timers" HiTech is speaking of. Add another kart to the roster! Hoping to be welcomed to the track and we plan on being there on the 17th to enjoy the show and ask lots of questions!!! Gear, stagger, tires....etc. Will have kart in hand sometime this week!!!!!!! Maybe be ready to run in three weeks!! Super impressed with facility and crew......first time I've heard Owen speak in a drivers meeting since 06' gave me goosebumps as if I were about to line up for the show......felt so good I started looking for karts that night! Here we go again
  4. E-mod Final gear

    What final are most e mods running? Thanks Darenger Nesloney
  5. Track Promoter

    Interesting. My brother Donny and I are building a metric car currently. We have hopes for running asphalt in CC. I'd hate to throw my 2 cents in considering we have not been around for a while, but then again why else respond. It's mostly been said already......So I like what Greg is saying. I like what Bobby is saying. Thanks All