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  1. Istock to street stock

    Cam on factory stock is different as well
  2. Building my shop

    Get ready it fills up quick
  3. Building my shop

    I have 12 4ft T8 lights in my shop personally don't think a few more would hurt but this is plenty as it is. I can't remember which bulbs I got I wanna say they are LED. One day I'll get the mess cleaned up.
  4. Brakes

    I ran power brakes for 4 years no problems prefect brakes this past year I couldn't get a good pedal for nothing 5 different master cylinders 3 boosters ad all new calipers. Will be switching manual to try it out
  5. please clarify fuel please

  6. please clarify fuel please

    If it runs cooler what would it hurt to run a little more timing?
  7. 2018 Pure Stock Rules Released

    Metric framed station wagon is allowed in frame section but station season body isn't allowed?
  8. please clarify fuel please

    Weird I was just looking into this the other day and wondered if that made it legal.
  9. 2009 Chevy 3500

    If you pull a trailer and there is an issue with wiring on trailer you can get that message as well.
  10. good luck

    Facebook event says 6
  11. good luck

    I should be there
  12. Sport Compacts

    “Hard racing”
  13. Sport Compacts

    Took the words outta my mouth.
  14. STS News

    Will registration have to be paid to run the next few races?
  15. I have a 1.84 with 3.73 and turn around 5800