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  1. Dwarfs results and YTD (3/17)

    Does anyone know if the number 3 is still for sale or how to get a hold of the owner?
  2. Four words, Run what you brung! These two shows are about car count. Have a huge car count and show them yall want to race. The two shows are not about frist or last place. Its about showing them that asphalt racing can work. Do that and you might get alot more races next year. Then play with the rules. JMO
  3. CTS Update

    Lawsuit? Guess im out of the loop on that one.
  4. CTS Update

    Come on cts lets race !
  5. TPS Suspends 2017 Season

    Awesome series with great leadership. I hope this will only be a short break.
  6. purse

    Well said nick. I could'nt agree more.
  7. Races this weekend

    Pouring rain here in mathis
  8. I can speak highly of the green 46 . Plus i know he is motivated to sell. That car is ready to go and was always a front running car.that car ran the last race at cts so yes buy it and take it out there.
  9. Racing....the good, the bad, the ugly

    Very well said
  10. APRIL 16

    When do the gates open ?
  11. Accuweather is now showing 86% with some heavy showers for saturday.
  12. 31st

    Just saw the weather. We are now back up to a 60 % chance for Saturday. This is not looking good at all.
  13. SuperStreet/SuperStock at CCS/CTS

    I'm option. The walls, not many drivers can handle the bull ring. That being said we should all support the tracks we have left.
  14. No rain in the forecast!

    All hell breaking loose now. The rain is here.
  15. CTS Safety Crew

    Ivan is not only my best friend but he taught me everything i know about running a body shop. I worked for him as a body man then he gave me a chance to run the office under him. Now i'm managing my own body shop. I have alot of respect for that man.
  16. Some fans come just for the wrecks . but others come to see a good clean race. If you want to see ( the sparks and dust fly ) maybe racing is'nt for you and you should find a demolition derby. As a driver i'm all for swapping alittle paint , but get tired of fixing my car after someone destroys it. that starts to add up quickly!!!
  17. warning warning warning will robinson ..

    just do a pay roll deduction on me boss man.
  18. warning warning warning will robinson ..

    good point nick. not many people understand why we have crush zones in cars. fixing a driver is not as easy as fixing a car. Plus having access to a frame machine makes getting a car back together that much easier. got to love the perks of my job.
  19. warning warning warning will robinson ..

    great now our secret is out.
  20. Thanks for coming down to CCS

    No worries here. Nothing wrong with a love tap from time to time. Thats just racing.
  21. last night

    It was a tough night of racing for sure. For Dan to man up and admit it was'nt the best idea is enough for me . But did yall see how many fans were in the stands ? I think this track is headed in the right direction now. So lets just fix these cars and get back out there.
  22. Thanks for coming down to CCS

    Thanks to everyone for joining us at cc speedway. had a blast racing with yall. I got alot of work to do to the car now that I found the unforgiving wall a cc , but hope to be racing with yall at cts in a couple of weeks. John #82
  23. Are we going to Sponsor another class 5/17/14

    First place last place dont matter to me. just having fun. no one gets rich doing this. hell if anybody even breaks even that would be a suprise.