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  1. Street stocks

    Can street stocks running under south Texas street stock shootouts rules still run at cottonbowl
  2. May 14th

    Already loaded
  3. Street Stocks 4/30/16

    Sure wish they were racing unload cancelled late model race and load up street stock
  4. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Texasaggie13 come race the late model with us with stlms
  5. ANY WORD OF 2016 ?

    Drew take ur limited and go full tube chassis, not real sure Wut yall want but our class is growing and it all looks good for 2016
  6. ANY WORD OF 2016 ?

    South texas late model series are running same rules as this year with maybe a few minor changes, nothing major as I have been told. Nesmith crate lates are a different series than us but always welcome to run with us at any time, and as people have seen the crate cars have won several races against us open motor cars. So yes the south Texas late model series is still going to run our series.
  7. ANY WORD OF 2016 ?

    The late models are not crate mandatory
  8. Stlms will we racing this weekend July 11th at cotton bowl speedway. Be nice to see some new faces come join us on the track this weekend in there late models. See ya there #82 Stepanski Motorsports
  9. Just curious

    Wuts the point in having tires on the inside of the curves that weigh more than a late model so when u accidentally clip one it tears up the wholes front of ur car. If it's to keep people from cutting across than put those people in the back if they continue. Just get rid of those huge damn tires please.
  10. Sat night

    Race ready
  11. Yorktown has 2 new hotels and it's about 20 min from track