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  1. NSR Trucks Anyone?

    I would like to run...
  2. Man this ZModeler thing is fun... The USRA TAMS Mod, a kBdT production coming soon.
  3. Eye on Discovery

    he totally does
  4. Flat Out

    sorry i guess he forgot to sign out while he was over here... that post was me.
  5. Penski only hope for non-F1 Cup

    No no, Gordon got hit by Stewart. You are mixed up turbo.
  6. Give a fellow Texan some love!

    David:2627 Kerry:2643
  7. Herbert Bean????? I wonder......If my name is Kevin Bean, i wonder........
  8. Patch out for NSR

    I know Sparkstur.
  9. Patch out for NSR

    CGW is about to start testing for the next patch. SHHHHH! U didn't hear that from me.
  10. Give a fellow Texan some love!

    2212 sat morning. send me that site!!! PLEASE.
  11. NR2003 season

    Levi, look at the bottom of the bargain bin in wal-mart. u'll be glad u did. $10vs. $100-$150.
  12. legacy47, i got my wheel for $3, when it should have been like $30. only used like 5 times. some wheels cost $100. the cost varies. the game price can be anywhere from $10-$150. look at the bottom of the bargin bin at wal-mart. You may find a copy of nr2003. it costs nothing to actually play online, but then there are scams like olr.
  13. Nascar Sim Racing

    No levi, the game is very sensitive to what you must have.
  14. NSW is looking for drivers in the spring Superspeedway series, and so is the short track series. to signup go to nascarsimworld.com and click on NSW Racing. then have a look around.