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  1. pure stock

    Not sure yet but want to see whats out there , Looking to see if there is any STS legal pure stocks for sell or maybe trade for an E-Mod Thanks Gilbert
  2. April 23rd Races

    October 14 is on a Friday?? is this correct
  3. Calling all Go Kart families

    #36g Gilbert Perez III Open Class #36 Amelia Perez Open Class
  4. kart rules

    hray call me gilbert 813-8179
  5. STS Go Karts

    First of all i would like to thank Kelly and his wife Tracy for putting this race together That's awesome, The kids will really enjoy racing in front of a big crowd. Also thank you to South Texas Speedway for allowing the kids to put on a Saturday night show . Kelly have u found any sponsors for the payout ? Put PEREZMOTORSPORTS down for $20.00 for 1st $20 for 2nd & $20 3rd place in each kart class to be added to there payout, total for both classes $120.00 Thanks again Gilbert
  6. STXSSS Race #6 and E Mod Challenge

    thanks TJ, if the car dolly don't work i will need your help im not going to mess with it till the axle gets here. thanks we really appreciate your help . team 36
  7. STXSSS Race #6 and E Mod Challenge

    Shes fine Thank you, so far just a broken axle, we will know more once we figure out how to get it out of trailer,waiting on new axle. She was more upset cause she was hit from behind after the yellow was out . we will regroup and try it again. Thanks again
  8. STXSSS Race #6 and E Mod Challenge

    Thanks for the report Top but the 36 car of Amelia didn't lose a drive shaft , the caution happened out in front of the field the yellow came out she slowed down when the yellow come out ( im not going to mention any names u know who you are ) and the tail of the field come around turn four and plowed in to her left rear and broke the axle. these emod driver really need to learn to use the brake .
  9. e mod purse pay out

    Just talked to Swenson and he will be here this weekend but won't have any Fuel
  10. 2016 Info

    I agree with Gregg !
  11. emods

  12. Attn: E-Mod drivers

    your correct STS does collect the chips, drivers you will need to go to STS to collect yours or on Thursday i can go pickup all the Chips up and take to SOS .
  13. Attn: E-Mod drivers

    Same rules as STS 6000RPM chip,
  14. Attn: E-Mod drivers

    So far we have # 36,37,38,39,40,8R,127,16,69,1,25R,5A, These are the one that have posted on my facebook page
  15. July 4th update

    36 and 36g are in for a all kart weekend