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  1. I spent several hundred days at TIS/TWS from the first event (FIA shakedown before the Can Am) to the first "last races" in 2015. Mostly flagging and San Jac Crash Rescue Team plus a few other as needed duties. Road racing safety was my principal hobby for 40 + years.
  2. Old Pics From TWS?

    A favorite pic from the mid 70s
  3. Old Pics From TWS?

    Here is more of the Indy Cars at the CVAR event. I flagged Turn 2 for one of the sessions. I have attended scores of Roadraces at TIS/TWS from it's first day (a SCCA race to shakedown a month before the CANAM). I had lost this site, I'll try to contribute more in the future.
  4. Historic Oval Car Meet

    Corinthian Vintage Racing (corinthianvintagerace.com) is a great group and have many different interesting road racing cars. A possible problem in Nov. is motel rooms. Aggies/Oklahoma are in College Station that weekend. If you can get a room you will pay double plus. I plan to be there but sleep in Houston. CVAR races at TWS, Eagles Canyon and Hallett. You are welcome as a Paddock visitor at all events.
  5. Austin Raceway Park

    Here are 2 pics from Green Valley road racing. Both are 1967 - 1970 TransAm was supposed to be at Dallas Intl Motor Speedway but was flooded out.
  6. Austin Raceway Park

    ARP at a SCCA race 1969 Taken by a San Jac Crash Rescue Member Note Starter waving green flag from 55 gal. drum
  7. Historic Oval Car Meet

    Feel free to share. I have not heard if they will return this fall. Hopefully they will.
  8. Historic Oval Car Meet

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/65675361@N00/...57622820583208/ I'm a little late to the party, but here are pics from the 11/09 CVAR event from a flaggers point of view. Except for the weird bus, all are taken that weekend - a mixture of the CVAR regulars and the circletrack guests. It was a special weekend for any car guy. Wayne Hill, Houston