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    Brad Penn 20/50
  2. That means if we get enough cars to agree to show every week then we will put them on a full schedule. I believe the 305 sprints will draw the fans, but running them every week may be hard to pull off. Probably more realistic to run them every other week, or once a month, to start, until the car count gets up. JMO
  3. How did the meeting turn out?

    Been to killeen this year? 19-21 almost every night, with a few nights with b mains. What you say is true for south/east Texas outlaw mods though. Evan waco averaged around 15 and is known as a rough track with a few rough drivers on Friday night. Joe Just can't seem to get them together in the Houston area. Down to 1 track, and that track's future is up in the air as far as ownership, rules and classes for next year. USMTS put on an awesome show in Baytown, though! Hope to see them get it together(in the Houston area) before it is too late.
  4. LLM car count

    305 sprints are definitely growing in numbers. You can get in one cheaper than a limited and go a lot faster. Plus the fans love them
  5. How did the meeting turn out?

    Over a last couple years. Edna, STS, SOS, and McAllen prior to closing. GATOR IN WILLIS Problem being, none showed up. The mod class has shot themselves in the foot by not racing regularly. Nobody wants to see 6 or 8 mods race, it's boring as hell, and they wonder why they won't have anywhere to race in the next couple of years. Promoters are not obligated to provide a place to race to any class. The classes on the schedule, usually, are the ones that show up to race, every week. There are a lot of mods out there, but most don't race often enough to justify having them on a weekly schedule. JMO
  6. Does it help when your head touches the roof

    Agree with AJ, dry slick high and right, wet low and left. Keep your head away from the cage for obvious reasons, at least 2 inches below the halo is safe.
  7. Grand

    Grand is at Battleground weekend after next. Go to racetime promotions for details.
  8. HAVOC registration

    You can pre-register or just pay when you show up.Same price
  9. Over heating issues

    Just trying to help, thanks
  10. Over heating issues

    This old dog just learned it recently himself, the hard way of course! This is a very informative forum.
  11. Over heating issues

    Hmmm - I understand theory - but lack on application. What would one be looking for as an indicator? Indications of serpentine pulley wear are easy to spot. Ribs first begin to lose their coating and get shiny, then as they wear they lose the sharpness and flatten out the tops of the ribs. Once this happens the belt will slip no matter how tight it is when on and off the gas as in dirt track racing. I've seen it happen in 5 races or less and cause overheating problems that were driving people crazy. With a large steel fan KRC recommends an idler system just for this reason, to keep tension on the belt as it heats and stretches, and prolong pulley life.
  12. Over heating issues

    Take a real close look at your pulleys and belts. Very common for the belt or belts to slip trying to start and stop the heavy mechanical fan. The more they slip the hotter and looser they get. causing the temp to climb towards the end of the race. Serpentine setups are great but you have to keep a close eye on pulley wear. Once they're worn and start transferring metal to the belt, replace them.