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  1. Birdcages

    Wehrs lightweight bearing birdcages $300 BSb brake floater $100. Text 2102913621
  2. 22 gallon wedge fuel cell white has maybe 7 races paid $309 take $200 obo
  3. Bruce Mabrito's track history paper

    Bruce was one of the best writers and just plain good guy I have ever known
  4. I have been to nicks school many years ago and I will say he can help get you on the right track and while he may not be up on the wild 4 link suspensions he can for shore get you lined out on the front end geometry and that's one of the most critical pieces of the puzzles so if you can go GO
  5. Curtis Christian - SAS Super Stock racer

    Going to be missed prayers to the family
  6. 3rd Annual Showdown Information

    Dont think I ever blamed the race track aj I believe I said they had a nice place we will still be racing . I just finally learned after 50 years of it there is more to do
  7. 3rd Annual Showdown Information

    Will those fender cars save on my cost to tow there and my pit passes , I can afford to run if we wish but i have learned after all these years there is other ways to enjoy life, still love racing and will still make it to some.But more often now we will load the rv and go have fun with the grand kids
  8. 3rd Annual Showdown Information

    CBS does have a very nice track ,but with it costing 4-5 hundred dollars to go race it does kill the fun we all want to have thats why we have parked our car all year and now looking at other things to enjoy .jacking up pit passes and entries dont help getting people to spend there money to go race .
  9. Which Night?

    If the track had the wright kind of people running the track it would work on either night , the last time the track had a good repour with drivers and fans Frank Torres ran it since then the people running the shows didnt know how to treat the owners, drivers, or fans. Fix that and you can keep the pits and stands full
  10. If we can run aluminum heads and mccreys tires we would come we just run a 355 but we want to get paid
  11. pratice

    Has there been anything said about any pratice for next week
  12. Prayers for Joe Spillman's dad

    Our prayers are with the spillmans
  13. Modifieds possible?

    Open rules we will be there every time they run
  14. Question for people running for points.

    I thought AJ had a good ideal he had the best interest for cbs in mind by just trying to get new blood there and get them hooked on cbs, then by next season they might want to make whatever changes they need to run at cbs ,