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  1. Some new plans emerge for a San Antonio area paved oval

    DCRST #18 ready to support asphalt racing. Great location!!
  2. 2019

    Should be done by end of week.
  3. Rusty Young Sweeps HMP

    Congrats to Rusty on another win @HMP and to Drew Semintal for a strong 2nd. Congrats to TY Paxson for winning the DCRST championship 🏁🏁🏁
  4. STS 5-12

    Great group of people!! Track was fast and smooth. Thanks for having us and looking forward to next race @South Texas Speedway
  5. South Texas Speedway

    I guess I shouldn’t post after poker night. Maybe CC Speedway will come back some day.
  6. Who’s going? Weather looks great! 18 & 88 will be there
  7. Thanks from DCRST

    Track was awesome ? Can't wait to go back
  8. Decades of Asphalt: C.C. Speedway 1995 / 96 Full Length Videos

    Thanks Ford, first win in a Dwarf Car. Only a couple left that race in the DCRST today. Thanks for posting.

    rusty said he will take 500
  10. CTS Budweiser 250 schedule Aug 1, 2015

    Be nice to move when the sun is in turn three. Tough to see going in three. Not complaining. Thanks CTS for giving us a place to play.
  11. Lone Star Legacy series is growing

    Great to see the Legacy cars making a comeback. Can't wait to see fifteen to twenty flying around the track. Great job!!!
  12. #9 Black Dwarf Car

    Ray, I'll see if Arden has his number.
  13. Sad news..Chuck McCormick passed

    Chuck McCormick passed away Thursday due to a short battle with cancer. Chuck drove the pink # 8 dwarf truck. Chuck's race cars were always painted pink in honor of his daughter Megan. Chuck will be missed by the dcrst family and friends.
  14. CTS first race roll call

    18 to 20 Dwarf cars will be there.
  15. What class will you be running at Central Texas Speedway?

    #18 Dwarf will be running CTS. Should be at least 15 more every race.