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  1. Just reminding everyone that Westhold Transponders are required at I-37 & Cottonbowl Speedway this year. Both tracks have some available for rent if needed but I wouldn't wait until the last minute to secure one. You may be able to reserve one with a call or message to them.
  2. DCRST Pavement Tires

    6 tires for the #27. Thanks
  3. CC Speedways plans!

    Definitely good news. Like so many others I grew up going to CC Speedway as a child. Absolutely a favorite of mine and so many more. Can't wait to be able to race the bullring again. Let me know how I can help when you're ready to start up again Dan and Kandi.
  4. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    Aline Auto Parts - DCRST dwarfs averaged 24 cars at CTS in 2016. An average of 28-30 was expected for the 2017 season.

    Trucks will be racing on 19th I believe.
  6. Yes he will. He ordered tires specifically for that reason.
  7. Holiday Inn Intercontinental usually has discounted rooms for HMP race weekends. About $72-75 night. Ten minutes from track
  8. Saturday June 28 Race Schedule

    Friday practice?
  9. TPS

    DCRST is in for $100 also.
  10. Big THANKS from DCRST

    We appreciate everything you guys, Ivan, Mike, Josh, and everyone else that donated to the purse fund. Thanks so much.
  11. attention

    Absolutely awesome guys.
  12. attention

    See what we can do about that Ivan and Mike.
  13. attention

    See ya there