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Great job CC speedway


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I wanted to take a second and say "great job" to owen and his crew for the two day Stock Car Championships. We were made to feel welcome, met some great folks, and had a great time. For the small crew Owen was working with, I thought the show went very well. Thanks for the awesome payout as well!


From what I remember, the top several in qualifying went something like this:


13 (CC) - 15.11

15 (CC) - 15.26

31 (SAS) - 15.31

17 (CC) - 15.34

99 (THR) - 15.42

2 (THR) - 15.43


Heat races were used to determine the lineup for the feature. The 20 won the first heat followed by the 91 and 99. The 2 car won the second heat followed by the 8 car. The 34 won the third heat followed by the 88 I think.


We started 10th and had a tough time doing any better than that with the right side leaf spring going south on us. Cary stayed out of trouble and managed a 9th place finish.


The top three by memory were 12, 34, 84.


Great job Tator Mason and crew!

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glad yall had fun and made it home safe.it was a great show. the pure stock race was good too. had fun signing autograffs thanks to owen and doc for making it a fun night.sorry about all of cc cars having bad luck.didnt get to see the 4 banger race but could hear the croud scream and holler.bruce are you finshed with our clutch and pressure plate????hope it will be there next.

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For my first trip to CC i had a blast... Wished i had the gears for the car now....


As for "super no fear steve".. awesome job bud!!! I enjoyed helping you out... but flat siding the right side of the car was a weeeeeee bit nerve racking!!


Mona and the #29 Sportsman team!!! Thanks for the help.. steve won't have been able to race if it wasn't for you!!!

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Guest The_Greek
What was the pay out for modifeides .Heard it was like 200 for 10th and up from there.Thats the same as TAMS purse correct.

redd did u finish 10th?

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