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Spectacular results?


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Hey folks...

Just looking for a list of winners from last night's Spectacular for the MZone Show...maybe even a top 5...


I know 12-yr old Dillon Spreen won the Allison Legacys race (Kyle Sirizzotti won the championship)..rookie Lloyd Hart took the TPS race (Sergio Hexel won the championship)...and Chris Schild won the TSRS race (final race of season next week in Houston)...



Post here if you can, we hit the air at 10 a.m. . thanks...

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Unofficial: TPS 19, 66, 9, 15, 33 ALS 81,47,10,65,69 SS 83,2,31,99,3


HS 2,8,04,7,67 TDCA 38,72,05,14 27 TSRS 7,17,9,41,79 SLM 8,52,41,99,13


TAMS 03,18,81,22,70? ARTS ????? .




Congrats to all !


Congrats to all drivers, teams, series, promoters/owners. Great Show! Good car counts. Lots of good driving (with a few exceptions). Big crowd. All in all .............. Spectacular!

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Here are the VERY UNOFFICIAL top few finishers for all three USRA Series


USRA Super Late Model Series


1. (8) Brandon Bendele, Adkins, TX, 125 laps

2. (52) JC Umscheid, Ft. Worth, TX, 125

3. (41) Chris Davidson, Pearland, TX, 125

4. (13) T. Wade Welch, Houston, TX, 125

5. (99) Casey Smith, Austin, TX, 125 (penalized one spot for jump start)


USRA Texas Asphalt Modified Series


1. (03) Matt Merrell, Portland, TX, 50 laps

2. (18) Bruce Beddoe, Robstown, TX, 50

3. (81) David Machen, Del Valle, TX, 50

4. (22) John Paul Kliewer, Boerne, TX 50

5. (48) Chris Swenson, Comfort, TX, 50


USRA All Star Truck Series


1. (54) Steve Green, Marble Falls, TX, 50 laps

2. (40) Craig Roper, Witchita Falls, TX, 50

3. (19) Bud Carroll, Streetman, TX, 50

4. (28) Shawn Paul Lehman, Manchaca, TX, 50

5. (60) Colt James, Buda, TX, 50


Scoring officials are reviewing the rest of the results and will be released shortly.


Nick Holt

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It was a great show, good racing, just a long night. Hopefully next time there is an earlier start. The truck show took for ever to get going, of course the roll over took a bit of time, thank goodness no injuries. To me it looked like if these trucks were just sliding all over the track in the first 4 or 5 restarts, then I guess they laid enough of their own rubber down. Saw that the 99 was penalized a spot for jumping the restart, was the 14 also penalized, because he followed him, when the 54 seemed to go high. It looked like if the 54 didn't get going, he wasn't with the pack of other cars. I don't think they should penalize others behind them, what are they suppose to do just stay behind the guy that has this misfortune, and every one else goes when it's time to go. They should just do a restart just like when the second place guy passes the guy on the pole. Now if the 54 was directly behind the pack, I consider that a jump start, bad call. OMP Maybe we should start using the cone on the front stretch, oh I forgot, Terry said some thing about double file restart next season, interesting.

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Did you bother to call me?

Mr. Jay,

No I did not...the reason being I knew you were there for the entire program...


i didn't want to wake you because knowing you, you'd either have been writing stories thru the early morning (and get to bed at 6 a.m.) or you'd be writing stories til you just plain out fell asleep (in front of the computer) from exhaustion..


In case you couldn't tell, that's a compliment to your total professionalism.. :D:D:D

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