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I-37 Speedway Honors 2022 Heros 1/21/23

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I-37 Speedway Honors 2022 Heros 1/21/23

By JM Hallas


Pleasanton, TX,(Jan. 21St, 2023)


Saturday night I-37 Speedway handed out the hardware for the 2022 season at the Dove Heaven Lodge in Lytle. The night honored all the track champions and top three in points, track workers/supporters and track sponsors.


The event was in conjunction with the Texas Dirt Truck Series who passed out trophies and plaques to its champion and other award honorees.


New trailers, sponsored by Hudson Brothers Trailer Sales, were awarded by blind draw for the five track champions, plus another drawing for racers with perfect attendance. Ryan Doyon won among the track champions, despite having had his car totaled during an event in New Mexico weeks earlier. Sterling Tausch was the perfect attendance recipient.


Actually, with all the hardware won by Jared Maupin he really could have used a trailer to haul all his stuff home.


The track announced the start of a new class, “Fireballs.” The class will be a hybrid, no not electric cars, of Pure and Street Stock with the great equalizer being a 6600rpm chip rule. The hopes are that all the older style cars phased out by wheel base, leaf springs, etc. will be competitive among themselves. This open up the possibilities for all the Camaros, Novas, Mustangs, now sitting in the weeds, to get back on track again.

**Full rules will be available on the I-37 Speedway website or FB page.


Track awards

Late Models; Brandon Brzozowski, Kody Hardage, Andrew Hesler

IMCA Modifieds; Ryan Doyon, Gilbert Amezquita, Robert Liese jr.

Limited Modifieds; Sterling Tausch, Trent Beaver, Cody Beddoe

Factory Stocks; Jared Maupin, Kasey Krauss, Paul Reyes III

Sport Compact; Ryker Hernandez, Jamie Garner, Levi Hernandez

Youth Go-Karts; Jayden Gray, Kate Brzozowski, Leighton Broussard

Junior Go-Karts; Beau Payton, Cecilli Johnson, Allison Borlace

Senior Go-Karts; Gage Urbanovsky, Charles Flanagan, Tripp Whitmire

Adult Predator; Noah VanBlarcum, Andy VanBlarcum, Jimbo VanBlarcum

Texas Dirt Truck Series; Jared Maupin, Jarrett Barber, Jamie Green

**Rookie of the year; Lance Chicon


The track goes back into action Feb. 4th and March 4th with two open practices. Opening night/start of points season is slated for March 18th.

Other notables shows are March 25th is beginning of the Go-Kart points plus the TDTS. April 1st($1,000 to win Limited Modifieds)--No fooling. Fireballs are scheduled to debut on April 15th. May 6th is an IMCA Modified Fast Shafts All-Star Qualifier. May 20th $1,000 to win Late Models. June 3rd double points night. July 8th Military Appreciation Night w/TDTS. Aug. 5th Back to School night. DTK Memorial Oct. 26-28th. Redneck Stress Relief Nov. 4th. For full slate of dates/classes visit the I-37 website or FB page.


IMCA Modified track champ Ryan Doyon


Limited Modified track champion Sterling Tausch


Factory Stock track champion Jared Maupin


Sport Compact track champion Ryker Hernandez

***Not pictured/attending, Late Model track champion Brandon Brzozowski

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Texas Dirt Truck Series champion Jared Maupin


Texas Dirt Truck Series championship owner back to back years Jamie Fuller


Go-Kart Junior Division track champion Beau Payton


Adult Predator track champion Noah VanBlarcum

***Note pictured/attending Youth Division(Jayden Gray) and Senior Division(Gage Urbanovsky)

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