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HMP's New Stock Type of V-8 Racing Class for 2023, "Bootlegger's Class"

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Get those New Race Cars Ready for 2023 at HMP Oval Track.    The New Rules are Up & Ready for the New "Stock Style" Racing Class for 2023 @ HMP.   

SPRS has released the Rules for the (Bootleggers Racing Division)

This New Start Up Class is sort of an "Asphalt version of a Pure Stock'',   A V-8  Division that will be a min. 108" wheel base American full framed  Rear Wheel Drive Cars,  including GM Sub-Framed Cars as well....

w/ cast iron Exhaust Manifolds,  4412 Two bbl. Carbs,  .450 max. cam lift rule, 460 C.I. max. C.I. , Automatic Transmissions OK - but No Power- Glides allowed, Stock Rear Ends Only w/ Mini Spools,  Stock Suspensions,  Stock Mounted Shocks in Stock Locations,  American Racer "Pull-Off's Race Tires, 8" Steel Race Wheels, Stock Appearing Bodies, Ect.....

( No Spotters, No Radios....   Just Raceivers Only....)

( Similar to the Pic Below for Attention Only)

First Race is in March....   The Rules are Posted....

Hope Info Helps


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I'm hoping this class will spur interest and is successful.  It looked like a copy paste of a dirt track pure stock rule book, those cars litter Facebook Marketplace and other sites, hopefully it's a good budget option.

I do wish they had gone with a spec tire such as a Cooper Cobra or Mastercraft Avenger instead of ''pull off 970's''.  Maybe I am just underestimating how long those will last.


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I sure would like to Try to Support that New Class @ HMP with this Stock Camaro Chassis, Floor Pan & Firewall, & Camaro Stock Suspension race car.   I know I'll have to take the Ford 9" out of it and put back in the 10 bolt type of Camaro rear end and some other tweaking on it as well.   Probably will have to take the Rear Spoiler Blade Off as well.

thanks for looking....


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