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Benefit Auction for Steve Osborne Family

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KYLE-The Benefit Auction held at Thunder Hill Raceway, Friday, June 17, to help the Steve Osborne family, collected $11,708.


The Racing Community responded to a fellow racer's need and those who attended, those who donated items for the auction, and those who bid deserve the most heartfelt congratulations.


Steve's wife, Carla, attended the benefit with their four children, and expressed her most heartfelt gratitude to all for their help, thoughts, and prayers.

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THR & TSRS raised some more funds for the Osbornes tonight as well...I'm sure Salty Sag and/or Mary Ann can give the numbers..



And just to show you what kind of wonderful fans attend THR....tonight, a long-time fan and friend (I won't mention his name cuz he'll be upset with me if I do) came up to me after the TSRS race...he asked if we were still raising money for Steve and his family, and I said "yes"..he reached into his wallet and pulled out a check (made out to Steve) for $500...He asked me not to say who gave it, but he asked me to please get it to Steve's family...


I gave the check to Sarge with the hopes that Sarge would mention the check and the man's company (printed on the check)..


But again, the racing family is truly a very special family..


((p.s..this gentleman sits in the last row of the bleachers, in the section right next to the Turn 1 side of the VIP suites)).. ;):D

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