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4th Annual DTK Memorial @ I-37 Speedway 11/5/22

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4th Annual DTK Memorial @ I-37 Speedway 11/3-5/22

By JM Hallas


Pleasanton, TX.,(Nov. 5Th, 2022) Honoring three great fathers.


With the points season over and done, it was time for I-37 Speedway to host the 4th Annual DTK Memorial on the1/4 mile, semi-banked, dirt oval, south of San Antonio for its final race of the season.


Friday was a big night of action beginning with the debut of the All Star Crate Late Model series, with Dean Abbey taking the inaugural victory and the $1,000 pay day over Shane Hebert, Kevin Sitton, Brandon Brzozowski, and Beau Begnaud.


The Texas Dirt Truck Series ended its season with Jared Maupin taking the win and the championship.


Other Friday winners included Marcus Mikulencak in the Limited Modifieds, Memphis Villareal in the Factory Stocks and Sean Leasure scoring in the Sport Compacts.


Racing continued Saturday night featuring the second night of the All Star Crate Late Model series($2,000 to win), the IMCA Modifieds($1,250 to win plus the bounty on Steve Whiteaker jr. still available), Limited Modifieds($1,250 to win), Factory Stocks($1,500 to win) and another late addition, the Street Stocks($600 to win).


Hero Honors to Hebert on Last Lap Pass

As the green flew on the 25-lap ASCLMS main Corey Neil jr. led the way into turn 1 trailed by Shane Hebert, who kissed the turn 4 wall lightly, Dean Abbey, Rhett Starnes and Beau Begnaud. Caution waved early as Robby Minten looped it on lap 3 to slow the pace. D. Abbey got second from Hebert on the restart with Begnaud snagging fourth from Rh. Starnes.


This left Rh. Starnes three wide with Steve Whiteaker jr and Kevin Sitton for sixth. Whiteaker picked up the spot while Hebert slipped giving up spots to Begnaud and Whiteaker. By lap 10 Neil was in traffic on a high line dominant track. Coming to halfway Neil had a big lead over D. Abbey, Begnaud, Hebert and Whiteaker.


Neil was now stuck behind side by side traffic, but not giving up too much ground as Abbey, Begnaud and Hebert had their own traffic issues. But Neil jumped the turn 4 cushion and slapped the wall hard enough to knock off part of the spoiler while D. Abbey rolled to stop for a lap 18 caution.


On the restart Neil inched out while Hebert and Begnaud stayed side by as Hebert found the bottom. Begnaud and Hebert crept in on Neil the lead as the laps wound down. Hebert, making the bottom work slowly made up ground as he and Benaud made it a three horse race with Neil for the win.


Coming to take the white flag Hebert had the nose out front, but Neil powered around the top of turns 1-2 to even it up. Coming through turns 3-4 Benaud tried the middle but it was Hebert(Lafayette, La.) by a car length at the line grabbing the victory in his B&D Motorsports, Donnas Attic, Cajun Polls & Spas, Joey Brown Plumbing, AKA Construction, Advance Services, Stop-Tech Brakes, Joels Auto Sales, Browns Engineering, Express Racecars.



It just kind of was there,” exclaimed Herbert on the last lap move. “We started on the bottom on that last restart and we were top dominant that whole race. The top started getting a little wide and dusty the last 10 or so laps we were up there. I told myself I'd dive bomb the bottom and see if it sticks. The first corner it felt really good. They were up there and knew I couldn't run through them. I had to run a line they weren't in and it seemed to be pretty good. I'm usually not that good on the bottom, but the car rotated really good. I knew if I stayed with them I'd be able to charge off (turn) 4 really good.”


I kissed the wall at the start and about halfway through the race. Off of (turn) 4 was tricky. You really had to pedal off where you could hold it wide open off (turn) 2. I knew that (turn) 4 was getting dirty. I was far enough behind Corey(Neil jr) that I didn't see him hammer it. I saw the yellow debris when we came around and figured since he was the about the only yellow car.”


We had a good game plan coming in. last time I was here in a Limited Modified, it was pretty much wide open. I know this track has some bite to it, then typical Texas track, it slicks off. We went with a baseline set up. Gear was the only thing we weren't sure about. We figured that out last night. Tonight we put it all together.”


My son just started and we've got him in a Limited Modified. The tracks change a little too fast for him. We just have to get him a little more up to speed when they slick off. Watching him is far more nerve wracking than when I'm in control of my car. That's just me being a dad and trying to tell him which lane to run or what to try different on the track to pass people. He's getting better, we'll be alright.”


All Star Crate Late Model Series

9x Shane Hebert, 91 Corey Neil jr., 32 Beau Begnaud, 47 Jeffrey Abbey, 12 Kody Hardage, 1 Kevin Sitton, 25 Robbie Starnes, 9r Steve Whiteaker jr., 717 GW Egbert, 78 Wyatt Wilkerson, 75 Anthony Boatman, 7 Rhett Starnes, 99 Nate Jantz, 53x Matt Fox, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 1x Andrew Hesler, 3d Robby Minten, 5 Ryan McDonald, 26 Dean Abbey, 08 Landon Sowder---dns


ASCLMS heats(top 4 to A-main

Heat 1; 91 Corey Neil jr., 7 Rhett Starnes, 1 Tim Sitton, 47 Jeffrey Abbey, 99 Nate Jantz, 53x Matt Fox, 5 Ryan McDonald


Heat 2; 9x Shane Hebert, 26 Dean Abbey, 12 Kody Hardage, 9r Steve Whiteaker jr., 25 Robbie Starnes, 3d Robby Minten, 08 Landon Sowder


Heat 3; 717 GW Egbert, 32 Beau Begnaud, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 75 Anthony Boatmen, 1x Andrew Hesler, 78 Wyatt Wilkerson


Whiteaker Whips 'Em

Sixteen-cars took the green for the IMCA Modified feature with Steve Whiteaker jr and Matthew Day swapping lines in turns 1-2. Day was able to inch ahead to lead lap 1 but Whiteaker got the nose out front on lap 2 with Garrett Gregory, Chris Morris and Logan Dinsmore three wide for fourth. Whiteaker and Day played slide/crossover with nearly a draw at the line on lap 3.


Behind them, Lawrence Mikulencak and Chris Morris were swapping third and Greg Dinsmore got by his son, Logan, for sixth. Once Whiteaker finally secured the top spot, he began to pull away quickly from Day. G. Dinsmore, who started last after a heat incident, continued his march forward taking fifth from Mikulencak.


At the crossed flags it was Whiteaker with a huge lead, Day, Gregory, Morris and G. Dinsmore in the top five. Whiteaker worked traffic quickly building nearly a half track advantage before a spin by Gilbert Amezquita on lap 16 erased the gap. Whiteaker wasted little time pulling out once back to green.


Day and Gregory batted briefly for second on the restart as Whiteaker's rear bumper got smaller in the distance. By the time the white flag was shown, Whiteaker had rebuilt a half straight margin easily taking the checkers in his D&SS Construction, 3-D Landscaping, Billy Bobs Truck Repair, Supreme Vinyl Works, Windshield Repair of Texas, G&M Oilfield Service, Cottrell Racing, Maxima Racing Oil, Sames Ford, WW Bodies, raceXR.com, Sneaky Horse, Rush Race Gear, Wehrs Machine, MoBags Suspension, Karls Performance Chevrolet crate powered, CDR Chassis by 89 Motorsports.



In this type racing you're never really sure who's where.” commented Whiteaker. “When you have a field with Matthew Day, Garrett Gregory, Chris Morris, there's no letting off. We traded a couple sliders there at the start, which was fun. I just held it wide open the rest of the time.”


I figure if I'm able to put down some good cars down laps, then so are they. The last thing I want to to do is let off. I did start slowing up my entry a bit so I wouldn't make a bunch of mistakes. When you get a rhythm going, it'd hard to change it.”


We take pretty good care of our stuff. Myself, my dad and Hunter Flanagan work on it all the time. We stay on top of it. Failures happen, but as far as stuff breaking, I don't worry about that.”


The laps in the Late Model helped. I was a little rusty in it. I moved through there pretty quick but the top got kind of got dusty and I fell back on that restart. It was definitely fun. That car's good.”


We're going to go home, put a new body and wrap on it and head to Vegas for that XR race. There's something like 90 cars pre-entered. Hopefully we make all the shows, load it up in one piece and don't lose all our money in the casinos.”


Price Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds

89 Steve Whiteaker jr., 54 Matthew Day, Garrett Gregory, 94 Chris Morris, 8g Greg Dinsmore, 9 Lawrence Mikulencak, 8jr Logan Dinsmore, 5r Ryan Doyon, 2k Taylor Keuhl, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 17 Joey Whitehead, 77 Robert Liese jr., 16 Landon Bednarz, 56 Gilbert Amezquita, 90 Dustin Butcher, 141 Rob Sanderson, 22z Darrell Boyd---dns


IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., 94 Chris Morris, 77x Garrett Gregory, 2k Taylor Kuehl, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 5r Ryan Doyon, 16 Landon Bednarz, m17 Joey Whitehead, 77 Robert Liese jr.


Heat 2; 54t Matthew Day, 9m Lawrence Mikulencak, 8jr Logan Dinsmore, 90 Dustin Butcher, 56 Gilbert Amezquita, 141 Rob Sanderson, 22z Darrell Boyd, 8g Greg Dinsmore


Joy for Jennings in Tribute to Alia

A field of seventeen Limited Modifieds took the green for their 20-lap feature. Marcus Mikulencak got the early lead chased by Daniel Preston, Trent Beaver, JJ Jennings and Chace Hebert. Beaver got by Preston for second with Jennings following to third. Heath Stewart went around in turn 4 with Allen Alexander spinning to avoid him.


On the restart Nathan Titzman got a good run going by Preston and Hebert for fourth. He continued forward taking second from Beaver and Jennings, who moved to third. By now M. Mikulencak had checked out on Titzman who had a gap back to Jennings, Preston and Beaver. At halfway, the top five still the same, Hebert spun with Ben Mikulencak getting sent to the rear for contact.


On the restart Jennings used the top side to get by Titzman for second while Beaver retook fourth from Preston. Continuing to run the high groove, Jennings drove around M. Mikulencak on lap 12 for the lead. Joe Aramendia, made a charge from his fifteenth starting taking fifth from Beaver, then fourth from Preston.


Up front Jennings was stretching his lead on M. Mikulencak while Preston and Beaver were swapping fifth. Holding a good advantage, Jennings(Corpus Christi) in his G&M Oilfield Services, 1st Class Towing, 89 Motorsports, WW Bodies, Swenson Race Products & Shocks, VanBlarcum Services, Best Race Engines, Express Race Cars cruised to the victory for their family friend, Alia Kirschner who was fatally injured in an auto accident.1023251872__JRP6987(2)(1024x638).thumb.jpg.62fe8d85596883851811e737c58bc342.jpg


After last night and how slow I was, this is good,” said Jennings. “It was terrible last night, felt like I threw out the anchor. If we didn't have a yellow, Marcus(Mikulencak) was gone. We were nowhere close. I was holding up fourth. I knew restarting on the top that Nathan(Titzman) would go to the bottom. I knew I'd never get back to the bottom. I was either going to get freight-trained or the top was going to work. I was going forward or back to twelveth.”


I rolled around the top under yellow and gassed it up some. It felt decent. You never know until you fully commit. It was good and it worked out. It was something Steve(Whiteaker jr.) would do. Go big or finish in the back, Who cares. That high groove is hairy out of (turn) 4. I saw the Late Models tearing it up. If you jump that berm, it gets close. I'm glad I didn't into it, that wall comes up quick.”


This is a big win for us, ever since Alia's passing. We've raced a couple times and this one is good. This race is special in so many ways. This is for Ray(Doyon) and Mike(Keylich's) dad's that I never met and we all knew Frank(Torres). All good guys, raised good kids. I was glad to see Johnny(Torres) get the win.”


State Farm Insurance Limited Modifieds

26g JJ Jennings, 879 Marcus Mikulencak, 1t Nathan Titzman, 79 Joe Aramendia, bd2 Daniel Preston, 14 Trent Beaver, 18 Chace Hebert, bd1 Gilbert Perez, 73 Derrick Gonzalez, 14c James Cole, 4t Matt Rusty, 13m Ben Mikulencak, 11t Tom Grothues, 99 Allen Alexander, h14 Heath Stewart, 95 Sterling Tausch, 64 Abel Arredondo, 71 Jett Garza---dns


Limited Modified heats

Heat 1; 879 Marcus Mikulencak, 18 Chace Hebert, 26 JJ Jennings, 1t Nathan Titzman, 13m Ben Mikulencak, 11t Tom Grothues, 99 Allen Alexander, 79 Joe Aramendia, 64 Abel Arrendondo


Heat 2; bd2 Daniel Preston, 14 Trent Beaver, bd1 Gilbert Perez , 14c James Cole, 73 Derrick Gonzalez, h14 Heath Stewart, 4t Matt Rusty, 95s Sterling Tausch, 71 Jett Garza


Torres Tops Off Year with Triumph

Final race of the season, time limit waved, decent bucks on the line...you might want to keep a scorecard handy to keep up with the chaos.


It started off tame enough with Cameron Starry getting out front followed by Frank Okruhlik, Allen Torres with Rusty Head, GW Hessong and Donald Cain three wide for fourth. In the pack Dennis Folkerts, Will Spear and Nathan Rachui tangled for a lap 1 caution. On the restart A. Torres tried the top and looped it in turn 4 scattering the field. Cameron Dinsmore got the worst of it knocking out the radiator.


Back to green Starry and Okruhlik broke clear with Hessong taking third from Head and Johnny Torres following to fourth. But an infield tire would bring out a lap 2 yellow. As the top four took off on green, Mason Casteneda took fifth from Head leaving him three wide with Memphis Villareal and Jared Maupin for sixth.


Brian Rye and Ray Allen Kulhanek made contact sending Kulhanek around collecting Rachui. Kulhanek got sent to the rear. Back to green with J. Torres and Okruhlik staying door to door and Villareal taking fourth from Hessong. Once Okruhlik secured second he began putting pressure on Starry for the lead with some slight bumper action.


J. Torres tried the top on Okruhlik leaving the door open for Villareal to get by on the bottom. Villareal then got the nose under Okruhlik and grabbed second. Okruhlik, J. Torres and Rye were now three wide for third. At the crossed flags it was still Starry out front, Villareal, Rye, J. Torres and Okruhlik in the top five.


Aaron Leddy got turned into the infield for a lap 13 yellow where he went looking for Kulhanek under caution and got black flagged for contact. Finally back to green, Villareal tried to muscle under Starry for the lead. Starry tried to hold him down and spun, taking both to the infield. Coincidentally a reversal of Friday night action, but this time Villareal got sent to the back.


As racing resumed, Rye was now on Starry's bumper, literally. Rye got along side Starry with the two trading some paint. J. Torres took advantage of an opening and shot past both to get the lead on lap 16 while A. Torres, coming from the back, made it up to fifth. Maupin and Hessong had their battle for sixth end with Hessong going around for a caution.


Two restarts later, J. Torres and Rye got away while Starry was trying the top but a couple cautions for cars shedding parts(debris) slowed the pace. The final restart saw Rye trying the ultra bottom in turn 1, J. Torres getting a good run off turn 2 with Starry again trying the high line.


J. Torres and Rye shook off Starry on the top and battled the final two circuits with J. Torres(La Vernia) scoring the win in the Scott Ball Racing, Sundowner Performance Diesel, Allens 24/7 Towing, 8T1 Construction, 1st Class Towing, F-Bomb Diesel, Tator Plumbing, Swenson Racing Shocks, raceontexas, Mission Race Engines, Enslin Chassis. J. Torres and his brother A. Torres celebrated on the finish line in the race named after their father, Frank Torres, a former I-37 Speedway track promoter.


I saw them getting a little aggressive in front of me,” reported Torres. “I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It sucks it happened to Cameron(Starry), but I pretty much got lucky. I thought it was going to be a demo derby. It's kind of how these big shows end up in Factory Stocks. I was prepared for it.”


I took a little bit too much time trying the middle before the top. I didn't want to settle for second or third. I'd rather just try to win the race and it didn't work out. I fell back a few spots and luckily I benefited from other peoples mishaps.”


It was really a stout field. This car has been pretty good since we got it. I just knew that if I did my job, I had as good of a chance as anybody. I was about two car lengths back when Allen spun out. I turned right as soon as I saw it. I was sorry to see him spin out.”


All in Designs Factory Stocks

66 Johnny Torres, 54 Brian Rye, 741 Cameron Starry, 41 Frank Okruhlik, 94 Allen Torres, 28m Mason Casteneda, bd3 Ray Allen Kulhanek, 38 Josh Sewell, 91 Jared Maupin, 25r Nathan Rachui, 4d Dustin Hurley, 55 Rusty Head, 39 Makayla Trimble, 99 Jeff Hammitt, 139 Dennis Folkerts, 777x GW Hessong, 777 Will Spear, 30 Memphis Villareal, 82 Donald Cain, 8c Cameron Dinsmore, 75 Aaron Leddy---BF(rough driving), 29k Dylan Kowalik---dns


Factory Stock B-mains(top 5 to A-main)

B-main 1; 30 Memphis Villareal, bd3 Ray Allen Kulhanek, 777 Will Spears, 25 Nathan Rachui, 139 Dennis Folkerts, 19 Mike Horeka, 44 Damon Bean, b4 Billy Roschetzky IV, 3d Johnny Brown, 9 Darrell Heibel, 18s Jarrett Payton, 34h Ryan Doyon---dns, 3t Travis Slavik---dns


B-main 2; 154 Brian Rye, 82 Donald Cain, 29k Dylan Kowalik, 4d Dustin Hurley, 39 Makayla Trimble, 20 Ricky Long, 92r Robert Keylich, 780 James Stansfield, 37 Evan Lambert, 15L Daniel Lopez, 10 Scott Jerkins, 40 Dakota Hurley---dns


Factory Stock heats(top 3 to A-main)

Heat 1; 741 Cameron Starry, 55r Rusty Head, 99 Jeff Hammitt, 30 Memphis Villareal, 3t Travis Slavik, 777 Will Spears, b4 Billy Roschetzky IV, 19 Mike Horelka, 3d Johnny Brown, bd3 Ray Allen Kulhanek


Heat 2; 94 Allen Torres, 66 Johnny Torres, 38 Josh Sewell, 82 Donald Cain, 154 Brian Rye, 15L Daniel Lopez, 10 Scott Jerkins, 92r Robert Keylich, 780 James Stansfield


Heat 3; 41 Frank Okruhlik, 777x GW Hessong, 75 Aaron Leddy, 139 Dennis Folkerts, 25r Nathan Rachui, 18s Jarrett Payton, 9 Darrell Heibel, 44 Damon Bean, 34h Ryan Doyon---dns


Heat 4; 28m Mason Casteneda, 91 Jared Maupin, 8c Cameron Dinsmore, 29k Dylan Kowalik, 39 Makayla Trimble, 20r Ricky Long, 37 Evan Lambert, 40 Dakota Hurley, 4d Dustin Hurley


Spreen Scores Street Stock Scratch

It's been a few years since I-37 Speedway saw Street Stock action on the track. A handful of cars showed up for their 12-lap feature. Brandon Spreen, sporting a newly built car, jumped out front while Mike Trigg and Donald Cain swapped a little paint for second with Jennie Barber, Brad Hayes and former Street Stock track champion, Mike Lyon in line.


Spreen was able to hold a few cars lengths on Trigg who broke free of pressure from Cain. At halfway, Spreen still held his edge over Trigg, Cain, Barber and Lyon side by side with Hayes. Coming to the white flag Spreen(Boerne) had increased his lead taking home the win in his R&B Racing, Hill Country Fireplaces, Swenson Shocks, Spreen Race Engines, Swenson Chassis.


We shook the car down at Cotton Bowl a couple weeks ago,” replied Spreen. “So we've got all the bugs out of this new car. We think we've got it figured out and looking forward to next year. I could hear Mike(Trigg) back there on entry a few times. I knew if I stayed around the tires and ran my own pace I could get it done.”


I definitely hope the Street Stocks continue to catch on and grow. Robert(Danielson) asked me to drive it next year so we'll make as many shows as we can. We haven't run up in Waco yet, this is only the second race on it.”


Street Stocks

88 Brandon Spreen, 4t Mike Trigg, 179 Donald Cain, 19 Jennie Barber, 20 Mike Lyon, 9 Brad Hayes


Street Stock heat

Heat 1; 88 Brandon Spreen, 179 Donald Cain, 4t Mike Trigg, 19 Jennie Barber, 20 Mike Lyon, 9 Brad Hayes

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