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(Racer Tym) Vanarsdale

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I talked to Tym's son Tyler Sunday. He said his dad watched all the races at 105 Saturday night and his race was the last one. Said he was out on the track racing but made it to the infield and had a heart attack.
An ambulance was called and so was life flight but he didn't make it.

Have known Tym since 2003 or 04 when we raced with him at Hot Rod Hill he was a good friend and part of our racing family. He would still call me for advice on his car and would call on Sunday's to give me a race report.

This past Sunday was different it was his son Tyler calling letting me know what happened.
Gonna miss you and my calls my friend!

And yes we were racing Big Wheels and Tym was in the lead also know as Grapeape back then. 🙂

RIP Tym, Racer Tym , Grapeape

James and Tym (2).jpg

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Wow. That is cool to see Mr Huff. We used to park by Tym and his son at 105 occasionally. You definitely couldn't ask for better people . Very respectful and helpful. Mr Tym is truly going to be missed by many . My GOD Bless the Vanarsdale family with peace and comfort. 

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