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Top Hat Signs and Designs Night at the Races Featuring SUS

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The racing should be as hot as the Texas weather this evening at South Texas Race Ranch. It will be a busy night with 8 classes running and the crew as already made it known the show will keep rolling to get everything done at a decent hour. The highlight of the evening will be the SUS Sprint Car series presented by Dos Equis. Late edition to the program tonight include Non Wing 600s and the Winged 600 Restrictor which both typically put on great shows at the Corpus Christi 1/4 mile dirt track. Five local classes that have all been competitive all year round out the bill that includes Limited Modified, EMOD, Factory Stocks, Pure Stocks and the Mini Mods. Speaking of Dos Equis, it's $1 Dos Equis Night with Riptide in Turn 5. Come out if you can or follow along here with me or Race on Texas.

All Results are Unofficial and commentary is based on my observations from the stands. I have no contact with track officials at any time during the event. 

Tonight will be a very emotional night for a lot of us in the Corpus Christi area and for me personally. Glad to be at a track this weekend after two very good people succumbed to the awfulness of cancer, Greg Carlucci, Sr and Daniel Dain. Greg Sr was more than an early personal racing hero of mine, but a longtime neighbor growing up a block away from them. My dad worked for Lance/Tom's several years of my childhood and when we'd hear Greg fire the car up at his house, we'd walk over there and bring some peanuts and a joke so bad we usually left Greg shaking his head walking away. Greg Jr and now Ryan have done the family name proud with their successes on the track but as great of a driver as he was, he was a great family man and a great neighbor. We will miss the Outlaw tremendously and send nothing but warm wishes of condolences and comfort to the Carlucci family. Last night, I learned Daniel Dain had passed away as well. Though not known as well as Carlucci, Daniel is a South Texas fixture and spent several years supporting the track and David Schury as a sponsor. If you've had Domino's Pizza in the Corpus area, you may have crossed paths with Daniel. I've been around Daniel at the track, at Domino's and at hockey games, the other sport I'm passionate about as he has been an opponent and a teammate and just all around great, passionate man that will be missed greatly as well and sending the same warm condolences and comfort to the Dain family and friends. Tonight's report is in their honor.

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